Evolution Of Tokyo Due To Work Culture And Corporate Events

Tokyo is currently the center of attention in both business and tourism all over the globe as the country is gearing as the host for the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. MICE facilities which are responsible for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions are under a lot of pressure and continue to be as the city is preparing to be the focus in the international stage.

There are other changes currently happening in the country because work cultures are starting to change because of the higher level of globalization and the increase in presence millennials and Generation Z in the workforce. Many companies are now taking into consideration the advantages of MICE that cover corporate group activities as well as the services it offers. Because of this change, MICE is also starting to adopt new methods from their cuisine to the locations of the events.

MICE is impacted by the increase of awareness in the wellbeing of the employees which in turn impacts the basic foundation of work culture in the city. it is a fact that majority of members in the sector are giving importance to what they can do to increase the morale of the staff.

According to the manager of Hotel and Residence Roppongi, Yoshiko Takiguchi, they believe that off-site meetings should be held in new locations in order to influence the perspectives of the employees. If the meetings are always held in the same room inside the workplace, it is inevitable for the power balance to remain static.

Takiguchi feels that innovation is not fully realized because of the routine and familiar environment in the work place. A single individual will lead the discussion all the time and will dictate the roles of members, even in how they should speak. This is when everything becomes a routine.

Tokyo American Club’s sales manager, Brian Ashenfelder, said that it is beneficial to conduct corporate group activities and meetings outside of the workplace. These off-site events will increase the employees’ morale as well as improve their performance. They will be able interact in a neutral environment outside of their office.