Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead To Hear Views Organized By The Crown Estate

Last October 2016, The Crown Estate held a series of events to search for its locals to input on an arising vision for the land east of Hemel Hempstead. These included new homes and jobs, expenditures for road infrastructure, new schools, green spaces, community facilities, cycling ad walking routes as well as a variety of benefits. Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead were also eager to hear about their visions.

The Crown Estate which called the site ‘East Hemel’, determined in St Albans Tactical Local Plan had the potential to offer 2,500 houses and around 8,000 new jobs before 2031.

The independent business held consultation events for three days in three various locations of the area. Details were as follows:

  • Redbourne Parish Centre on Thursday, October 27th
  • Brockswood School, Hemel Hempstead on Monday, October 24th
  • Holy Trinity Church, Leverstock Green last Thursday, October 20th

Strategic Land Manager at the Crown Estate Steve Melligan, which owned the site, said:

“At East Hemel, there was an amazing chance that made a bright community, where people resided, worked, shopped and enjoyed spending time with family, friends and neighbours.”

“Asking for views from local people was incredibly important in ensuring that we didform a vision for this location which conveyedlong-term advantages and benefits for the local area and offerednew residential and business accommodations, green spaces, infrastructure and community facilities, that the location needed. We were very much happy to chat with locals and Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead and heard their thoughts on the chances this location had to provide.”

MP for Hemel Hempstead Mike Penning said: “This site did offer anactual opportunity to deliver the infrastructure, jobs and homes that the location needed in the future. I did promote to people to come along to the consultation events and view what’s the proposition they did provide.” Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead also heard the local views of its residents.

Advertising sites across rural portfolio aided in meeting local development requirements is one of The Crown Estate’s major specializations. In 2015, it had offered planning license for 7,000 homes all over the United Kingdom. It was great news indeed for Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead.