Duterte To Visit Thailand To Strengthen Partnership

Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, is set to go to Thailand for a visit which is focused on strengthening the friendship that is present between the two nations. This is according to a statement from Werachon Sukondhapatipak, a deputy government spokesman.

The agenda of the visit will have high emphasis on issues regarding security. Lt. General Werachon also said that the two countries will be discussing issues regarding the suppression of drugs, solving problems that is present in the disorderly parts of Mindanao which is a city located in the south of the Philippines that is the home based of The Moro Islamic Liberation Front, an armed group, as well as cooperation between the two nation’s intelligence agencies.

Duterte is expected to arrive in Thailand on the evening of March 20 and he will be welcomed at the military airport of Bangkok as an official visitor of the government as guest.

The trip was made after Duterte’s visit to Myanmar which lasted for two days. After a two-day stay in Thailand, the president will be going back to Manila, Philippines as a conclusion to his introductory visits among Asean countries which started after he took office June of 2016.

According to Charles Jose, a spokesman for the Philippine Foreign Affairs, the president’s visit to Thailand will be a chance for the Prime Ministed Gen Prayut Chan-o-Cha to have a bilateral meeting with him. The two will be discussing matters that are of mutual concern to the two nations such as defense cooperation, political, educational, economic, energy, and agricultural issues.

President Duterte will also be talking with Thai officials regarding additional ways that can be done to improve the trade and investment that is currently ongoing between the two countries. They will also be discussing about the welfare of Filipino citizens that are residing and working in Thailand as well as the chairmanship of the Philippines in the coming Asean 2017.

During and after the visit of the president of the Philippines to Thailand, it is expected that more tourists from his home country will want to visit and stay at a hotel near Central World.