Demand For Solar Alternative Increases After Energy Uncertainty

South Australia is currently having problems with blackouts in the region that many homeowners as well as businesses that many are looking into solar battery technology such as Tesla powerwall in Brisbane. This is despite the efforts of Malcolm Turnbull in ensuring everyone that they are already planning to create the latest power stations which will be powered by coal in order to solve the problem of energy supply shortage in the southern part of the country. The residents and businesses are not convinced though thus they have been trying to find alternative on their own.

Tesla Powerwall battery systems’ reseller, Natural Solar, said that demand for their product has increased by 300 per cent when it comes to the region of southern Australian. This is based on the figure from September 28, 2016 which is the same day when the blackout occurred all over the state.The increase is higher compared to other states in the country.

Chris Williams, the chief executive, said that the statewide blackouts that were overly publicized have a great impact on the decision of the residents to look for solutions in renewable energy since it is known to be more stable and it is not dependent on the grid.

Around 98.5 per cent of customers of Natural Solar from South Australia have already purchased their own full systems for backup power. This number jumped considerably from 12 per cent prior to the event. This is not the same as the regular battery from Tesla since a full backup system automatically starts as on as the main power stopped working.

According to Josh Frydenberg who is the Environment and Energy Minister, their findings show that many large scale investments have been put into renewable energy which is five times higher compared to the figure in 2015. Renewable investment on a small scale such as the Tesla powerwall in Brisbane have been reported that new installations have reached 182,000 in 2016 especially those in the regions. Natural Solar said that for the first five months of this year, they were able to sell more home energy packages compared to the whole 12 months of last year.