Costs Of Healthcare Tripled Compared To 2001

According to a new analysis that was published this week, an average family in the United States can avail health care but to a high cost amounting to more than $25,000. This is the highest recorded for this year despite the fact that the increase in health cost has slowed down to the slowest level possible.

If a family with four members is to be covered with an employer-sponsored which is a type of preferred provider plan then the total costs in their health care would be $25,826. This amount is higher compared to last year by exactly $1,155. The same family could be provided with the same health care plan at one third the amount in the year 2001 – this is the very first time that an analysis by the Milliman Medical Index was conducted.

Milliman, the actuarial services firm, also indicated in their annual index that it is the 11th year in a row that the dollar continued to increase in the health care costs of a typical family and is now more than $1,110.

The index was able to pinpoint one of the most significant factors that cause the increase in cost and it is the rapid growth in things that are included in the health plans as well as the insurance. One good example is the prescription drugs that already cover the 17 per cent of the total costs that is allotted for the health care and in one year it averages at around $4,270.

When compared to the costs of the prescription drugs that are covered in 2001, the amount has grown into four times the original costs. One must also keep in mind that the index was not able to take into consideration that effect of the rebates, if any, from the pharmaceutical companies. These rebates could be a reason for reduction in total drug costs since it is already gaining more popularity. The increasing costs in health care are one of the major reasons why a health insurance is important even if you are in the United States, Thailand or anywhere in the world.