Climate Controlled Seats To Become Available In Honda Motorcycles

One of the top motorcycle brands in the United Kingdom is Honda. In fact, there are authorized dealers like Wheels Honda that offer a fantastic range of new Honda motorcycles and scooters. Honda scooters are convenient, versatile and affordable while the commuter bikes are easy to ride and match perfectly with any lifestyle. There are also Honda adventure bikes for those who want to explore new trials and distant horizons.

Almost all premium cars today that are available in the market have climate controlled seats. Because the demand has been quite significant, even affordable models are now fitted with the special seats. A leak in a patent application of Honda revealed that the Japanese manufacturer of cars and motorcycles is thinking that it is time for motorcycles to have the temperature controlled seat particularly the sport touring and cruiser models.

The image in the patent application reveals that the temperature controlled seat is already on the planning stage but a document confirms that the seat has already been designed and tested successfully. If the basis used is the image, it will reveal that the temperature on the seat has an adjustment from the switchgear to the handle.

It is apparent that the motorcycle used in the patent application is a previous gen CBR1000RR which was marketed in several countries as “Fireblade” a 998cc 4-cylinder street bike. From the design, you will notice that Honda can adapt the tech to other bike models. The duct that is running underneath the fuel tank to the seat will pipe in warm or cool air.

The patent application also suggests that the bike will use a revised seat material made from plastic mesh that is resistant to the elements but will allow air to flow through it. It is expected that Honda will offer the new technology with its 2020 Gold Wing and other long distance models.

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