Cleveland Clinic To Install Frosted Glass Privacy Window Film

We just love to find case studies about frosted glass privacy window film projects that provide relevant benefits. A Cleveland clinic recently published an article about these frosted window films and how it saved them money and improved their health and safety inside the hospital premises.

Seeking a Cost-Efficient Solution

The Nursing Director in their Florida location was finding new ways to enhance hygiene and avoid possible infection. A recent study showed the hospital privacy curtains can acquire rapid contamination with bacteria. Anytime a hospital staff will touch the curtains to enter and exit the room, they risk themselves as carriers of infection-causing pathogens, especially when they interact with their patients.

The Cleveland clinic then initiated a committee to provide solutions to the problem which included converting disposable curtains; switching to partition screens; and installing blinds and using frosted glass privacy window film on existing glass.

The Frosted Window Film Wil Help Save Money Every Year

The Nursing Director said, “When curtains are removed and replaced with window film installation on the doors and windows, it will save the Cleveland clinic thousands of dollars for manpower and laundering.”

The installation of frosted glass privacy window film will not only save huge expenses for the hospital, it can potentially protect all its patients from harmful infections. This is the kind of story that everyone is excited and eager to experience. The window film can be installed in just one day, and that curtains will no longer be needed. It should also provide ambient light to come inside through the doors and windows.

All the nurses working for the Cleveland Clinic are happy they are done with the curtains, not just because they are potentially prone to infection to patients, but because they don’t need to be disrupted with the frequent changes and disinfecting of the curtains.

The Frosted Window Film Will Bring New Standards for the Hospital

The staff of the Cleveland Clinic are now happier with the result of the installation of frosted glass privacy window film. They are planning to have it installed in more ICU rooms as well this July 2018. They have considered it a new benchmark for the hospital.