Choosing The Right Marquee For Your Wedding

One of the most common trends followed by couples getting married nowadays is getting a marquee for their wedding venue. This is the reason why there is a rise in companies offering marquee hire in Brisbane because of the increase in demand. The problem with getting married for the first time is that most couples do not have an idea on how to choose the right marquee for them. An expert wedding planner gives out advice on choosing a marquee.

The first type of wedding marquee is the tipi which is also called by another name, Katas. This is originally from Sweden and built to stand different weather conditions regardless of the time of year. For summer weddings, the side of the giant tipis can be lifted to let the guests enjoy the outside view while it can be completely closed during the winter to ensure warmth for everyone attending. There are also smaller tipis called Kungsornens which is mostly used as a bar area which makes the reception quite unique when used alongside giant tipis.

Interior poles can be a hassle therefore couples can choose the clear span marquee if they want to. This is open space and provides an airy vibe. For perfect weather conditions, the sides can be left open. Some even have clear roof if requested which is perfect for dancing under the clear, night sky. This should be used with caution during daytime because it could be quite hot for the diners to have a clear panel on top of their heads while the sun is shining brightly.

For a flexible wedding marquee, the South Africans introduced the stretch tents which can be used both indoor and outdoor. This is possible to erect even if the ground is uneven or made of hard material.

A more luxurious wedding feel can be derived from the Sperry tent which is designed especially for fancy events held usually in Palm Beach or the Hamptons.

There is also the classic marquee for traditional weddings. It exudes a country vibe but the marquee has poles inside which can be decorated with foliage or flowers. According to the advice of a company that offer marquee hire in Brisbane, this kind of tent can only be used on grassy lawns.