Central Heating System Installed At Hilperton Church

Members of the church in Hilperton have been complaining about the bitter cold every time they have a congregation. So much so that they have no choice but to wear additional layer of clothing to keep themselves warm. The good news is that the church is now installed with a new central heating system which brings relief.

The church is St. Michael & All Angel’s Church which is located in HThe Knap. The problem with the cold started three years ago and the members have been trying to collect £14,000 in order to buy a replacement model for the old one they have.

According to one of the members who is leading the fundraising campaign, Tony Roddis, they have seen churchgoers who are suffering from the cold and shivering while mass is being celebrated.

Due to the fundraising efforts made by the church as well as the grants given by the Trowbridge Area Board worth £5,000, Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust worth £2,000, and Hilperton Parish Council £1,000, they were able to buy a new central heating system for the church which was installed before the end of last month.

According to Mr. Roddis, the new equipment is now fully installed and functioning well. They bought the latest and modern type which is more efficient compared to older models. Members of the congregation are no longer suffering from the cold and they also get to enjoy the hot water from the boiler system.

The oil boiler system was no longer functioning properly and there is many times wherein the whole church is suffering from the cold.

He added his gratefulness for all those who contributed including the area board, the people who helps in during the fundraising as well as the parish council. They are happy to be able to enjoy a modern and functional boiler that does its job of keeping everyone warm.

The church is considered to be the center of the village therefore the central heating system is a must. Churchgoers used to wrap themselves while inside the church and many are wearing overcoats even inside the building. This is now a thing of the past as they have a warm church they can for their various activities.