Ethical Responsibilities Of A Canadian Realtor

Every profession has its own ethical standards to adhere to. Some are simple, others are strict. In the real estate industry, a Realtor’s advanced education starts upon acquiring a license. However, the learning process is a continuing thing that can be achieved by adopting the practices of seasoned colleagues as well as undertaking a continuing education program to earn your reputation and boost the trust of your clients.

The laws that govern the real estate business are well structured, however, some of the rules are flexible which can be interpreted by a Canadian Realtor openly. In a controversial business environment, it is simple to convey an insight into wrongdoing or bias. Real estate professionals are affected by ethical issues every day; thus, it is essential to know the ethical responsibilities of the industry to protect yourself from this possibility.

The following are the major ethical standards of real estate professionals:

  • Client Responsibility – as a professional agent representing the buyer or the seller, your major responsibility is to promote and protect the interest of your clients. This rule includes the detail of the property and other relevant information that when disclosed, may turn out be at the detriment of your client.
  • Limitations to Information and Expertise – you should always be cautious about giving your thoughts on the properties that you offer. You are likely not in the position to appraise the quality of the building constructed and carelessly disclose any information about it. Let your client seek professional advice from an engineer or architect about the construction. If you are not confident handling a situation, seek the assistance of your colleagues.
  • Full Disclosure – you must be aware of all the details of the property whether you represent your buyer or seller. If you are the seller’s agent, it is your duty to give complete details on the location of the property as well as important neighborhood information. On the other hand, if you are the buyer’s agent, you are also responsible for the complete details of the property, but you are restricted from giving your opinion about the neighborhood conditions. Instead, let your buyer ask from reliable sources for the statistics of the location.
  • Code of Conduct – you must diligently study and apply the set rules of the Code of Conduct. Further, never stop learning.

A reputable Realtor is honest in his business dealings, respectful to his clients and colleagues, and practices integrity in dealing with the business.


New Housing Model Constructs House Within 15 Days

Years ago, it will take months before a new home made of concrete can be completed in construction. Nowadays, what used to take years can be completed within 15 days because of the new housing model concept introduced in the northwestern part of Sydney. For many, this span of time is only enough to buy building supplies in Sydney but now an entire house can be completed within that time thanks to the Heuga housing concept.

Dean Willemsen, a builder and entrepreneur based in Sydney, was the brain behind the Geuga concept. The platform has a lot of potential that it could disrupt the construction market in Australia.

According to Willemsen, the concept is a collaboration created among the best people in the construction industry in order to create a new way of doing things and therefore making the customers the focus of their home building.

He added that they are no longer following the traditional model used in building houses but they are integrating a number of off-site construction strategies in order to speed up the process and spend less time on site. This is also one way to reduce the number of defects and to give the customers the experience they deserve in every aspect.

As of the moment, the cost of using Heuga in home building is almost the same as the cost of building a house the traditional way but the cost is expected to lessen as the concept becomes more mainstream.

Apparently, advanced economies are already using the new housing models including Norway, Japan and Finland, Australia, on the other hand, has some catching up to do. Mr. Willemsen said that all he is doing is to introduce the new housing model into the Australian market.

The process starts with a customer developing the 3D design and finishing using the designated app. The components are then built inside a factory before it is sent on-site where the house is to be constructed.

It will take time before consumers get used to the concept since they prefer to get involved such as buy building supplies in Sydney since they are the ones who will reside inside the house.


What You Need To Know About Dartmouth Real Estate

Before being fused to the Halifax Regional Municipality, Dartmouth was the second biggest city in Nova Scotia. United with nearby areas like the Lake Echo, Lawrencetown, Eastern Passage and Cole Harbor, the city is home to more than 70,000 people. Renowned as the city of lakes, Dartmouth has 23 lakes that are great for swimming, canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing, as much as ice hockey and skating are in winter. It is otherwise considered a recreation for lover’s dream.

So what does it take for you to buy a Dartmouth real estate? The housing prices range variably from a condo apartment to a single family detached home. There can also be a home most suited for your needs without expending much on prices. Living in Dartmouth is supremely affordable especially that it’s a vibrant metropolis. However, the question can come up if it will have to stay that way.

The Nova Scotia real estate market is currently leaning towards a buyer’s market; however residential listings of some realtors continue to decline. What this means is having minimal availability of properties that buyers will get interested in and buy in the Dartmouth area. However, as Dartmouth housing prices are so affordable, interested buyers can easily find these houses without much difficulty.

Encouraging further the idea that Dartmouth’s is a buyer’s market, the association of realtors in Nova Scotia said the figures of residential units sold through a multiple listing service was down due to having buyers quite nervous about buying from the real estate market with the economy going down. However, confidence in the economy have started to build once again, which indicates a brighter future to the real estate business. Buyers have still the upper hand when investing in Dartmouth real estate market.

Nova Scotia Real Estate business offers buyers a great value for their money, especially when they plan to own a retirement home, a recreation property, or if it’s a military relocation. You can find a comprehensive list of houses currently being sold by recognized and reputable realtors in Nova Scotia. You just have to choose Dartmouth real estate properties on sale which surely fits your preference and budget.


Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead To Hear Views Organized By The Crown Estate

Last October 2016, The Crown Estate held a series of events to search for its locals to input on an arising vision for the land east of Hemel Hempstead. These included new homes and jobs, expenditures for road infrastructure, new schools, green spaces, community facilities, cycling ad walking routes as well as a variety of benefits. Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead were also eager to hear about their visions.

The Crown Estate which called the site ‘East Hemel’, determined in St Albans Tactical Local Plan had the potential to offer 2,500 houses and around 8,000 new jobs before 2031.

The independent business held consultation events for three days in three various locations of the area. Details were as follows:

  • Redbourne Parish Centre on Thursday, October 27th
  • Brockswood School, Hemel Hempstead on Monday, October 24th
  • Holy Trinity Church, Leverstock Green last Thursday, October 20th

Strategic Land Manager at the Crown Estate Steve Melligan, which owned the site, said:

“At East Hemel, there was an amazing chance that made a bright community, where people resided, worked, shopped and enjoyed spending time with family, friends and neighbours.”

“Asking for views from local people was incredibly important in ensuring that we didform a vision for this location which conveyedlong-term advantages and benefits for the local area and offerednew residential and business accommodations, green spaces, infrastructure and community facilities, that the location needed. We were very much happy to chat with locals and Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead and heard their thoughts on the chances this location had to provide.”

MP for Hemel Hempstead Mike Penning said: “This site did offer anactual opportunity to deliver the infrastructure, jobs and homes that the location needed in the future. I did promote to people to come along to the consultation events and view what’s the proposition they did provide.” Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead also heard the local views of its residents.

Advertising sites across rural portfolio aided in meeting local development requirements is one of The Crown Estate’s major specializations. In 2015, it had offered planning license for 7,000 homes all over the United Kingdom. It was great news indeed for Estate Agents Hemel Hempstead.


How To Pick A Koh Samui Real Estate Property

If you are thinking about getting a Koh Samui real estate property, the first thing that you can possibly do is check the available properties in the area and see which of them is suitable for you. Koh Samui has several prime areas and they are generally sought-after by investors and private individuals alike. Whether you are buying the property for your personal consumption or for investment purposes, it is important that you pick the right property in order for you to get the highest and the best return of investment. Here are some ideas to reckon with.

Consider your needs and preferences

When buying a property, you always have to put in mind what you want to achieve and the reasons why you are buying the property. Do you want a retirement home or a place to stay during holidays? Do you want a house by the beach or perhaps something closer to the mountains and plush vegetations? You need to determine such aspects because they are your references when coordinating with a Koh Samui real estate agent. You will definitely be asked what you want in a property and you need to have a ready answer for a faster transaction.

What do you intend to do with the property?

There are different types of property. There are properties that are suitable as holiday destinations while there are those that you can buy and then have the property rented out to tourists when you are not in Koh Samui. Renting out a property is a good idea to have your investments back. The good thing about properties is that they do not depreciate.

Are you financially ready?

Another important consideration when buying a Koh Samui real estate is your budget. Koh Samui is a favorite tourist destination so the properties therein can be pricey. Talk to a real estate agent and see how you can buy lots or properties within your means.  Choose a property that you can use as an investment or a property that you can enjoy while staying in the island.