Billie Faiers Hosts Grandiose “Greatest Showman” Themed Party

With their astounding story line and great soundtracks, the Greatest Showman has indeed captured the hearts of all of America and the world. From the bustling city of New York, it has been acclaimed and praised by a lot of countries worldwide and has been performed (and even reenacted) since its release. However, who would have thought that it would also become a theme inspiration for a lot parties including Billie Faiers’?

When you want to throw a party, you pursue a chair and table hire in Melbourne or wherever convenient, arrange with a party organizer, and even coordinate with prominent food serving companies who could bring onto the table nothing but the delectable dishes. And that is exactly what Faiers did.

Party Details

In line with her daughter Nelly’s fifth birthday celebration, Faeirs made sure that it was going to be a special day as the party was filled with rides and a petting zoo.

On top these, they also hired out the MacDonald’s Farm & Fun Park and embellished the vicinity with colourful balloons and decorations. He also bought a four-layered caked, adorned with the red and yellow icings and toppings, the signature colours of the award-winning movie musical.

All the children had the wonderful opportunity to try out the gamut of rides and even play alongside the pets in the said place.

Wedding Controversy

Amid the extravagant birthday party Billie had thrown, she jokingly said that it “added more fuel to fire”. It could be recalled two years ago that Billie complained about Phillip Schofield for repetitively asking her whether she had paid more than two hundred thousand pounds during her wedding interview. Billie emphasized that the unkind behaviour of Schofield made her very uncomfortable and bothered.

During the past interview, Billie paid for her 100 guests during their 7-day stay in the Kuramathi Maldives which costed her roughly four thousand pounds a week.

Indeed, be it a wedding, a birthday, or whatever party it is, what’s most important is that the party is well-planned and to make sure that everyone would have a good time. Hence, if you want to inquire regarding party needs like chair and table hire in Melbourne, feel free to drop by and make your party a blast!


Sports Bar And Local Businesses Benefit From The NBA Finals

Why do people prefer to watch a basketball game at the sports bar in Sutherland Shire than go to the sports stadium? At the sports stadium, if the favourite team is being massacred by the opposing team you do not have any choice but watch. At the sports bar, you can simply swivel your head by 5 degrees and watch another game playing on the other giant screen. It is common for two games to be playing at the same in the sports bar.

Aside from Canadians and Americans, the whole world is watching the NBA finals whether on streaming services or out at a sports bar. The Game 4 Toronto Raptors win over the Golden State Warriors has set a new Canadian record for an NBA game. That Friday game night, the average Canadian audience was 4.631 million.

Canadians who stopped subscribing to traditional TV have two options to watch the NBA game – streaming or going to a local sports bar. According to statistics from Moneris, a payment processing firm in Toronto, credit and debit transactions had a significant jump during game nights compared to the same time last year. The biggest spike in transactions occurred at the end of the game.

Based on reports, local restaurants in Toronto experienced an increase in business during the games. According to Jeff Guthrie, chief sales and marketing officer of Moneris, it is common to see a spike in spending during playoff runs and this is good for local business in the community.

It is exciting to watch NBA finals at a bar with 200 of the new best friends. There is nothing more exciting than high fiving people when the Raptors get ahead. The pleasure is never more apparent when the favourite team is winning and there are people around you who share the same excitement.

In some cases, the reason for watching a game at sports bar in Sutherland Shire is practicality. You can eat and drink to your heart’s content and still have enough money to take a taxi home. You can spend less and have a great time heckling others when their team loses.


Choosing The Right Marquee For Your Wedding

One of the most common trends followed by couples getting married nowadays is getting a marquee for their wedding venue. This is the reason why there is a rise in companies offering marquee hire in Brisbane because of the increase in demand. The problem with getting married for the first time is that most couples do not have an idea on how to choose the right marquee for them. An expert wedding planner gives out advice on choosing a marquee.

The first type of wedding marquee is the tipi which is also called by another name, Katas. This is originally from Sweden and built to stand different weather conditions regardless of the time of year. For summer weddings, the side of the giant tipis can be lifted to let the guests enjoy the outside view while it can be completely closed during the winter to ensure warmth for everyone attending. There are also smaller tipis called Kungsornens which is mostly used as a bar area which makes the reception quite unique when used alongside giant tipis.

Interior poles can be a hassle therefore couples can choose the clear span marquee if they want to. This is open space and provides an airy vibe. For perfect weather conditions, the sides can be left open. Some even have clear roof if requested which is perfect for dancing under the clear, night sky. This should be used with caution during daytime because it could be quite hot for the diners to have a clear panel on top of their heads while the sun is shining brightly.

For a flexible wedding marquee, the South Africans introduced the stretch tents which can be used both indoor and outdoor. This is possible to erect even if the ground is uneven or made of hard material.

A more luxurious wedding feel can be derived from the Sperry tent which is designed especially for fancy events held usually in Palm Beach or the Hamptons.

There is also the classic marquee for traditional weddings. It exudes a country vibe but the marquee has poles inside which can be decorated with foliage or flowers. According to the advice of a company that offer marquee hire in Brisbane, this kind of tent can only be used on grassy lawns.


New Venue At Sydney Opera House Opens

The iconic Sydney Opera House recently opened a new venue, the first to open ever since 2004. The venue, dubbed the Yallamundi Rooms, is a venue for event hire in Sydney, capable of holding 400 people standing, or 180 people seated.

The new venue is part of a $273 million renewal programme, a joint effort by ARM Architecture, Grimshaw Architects, Scott Carver Architects and Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (TZG). This joint effort also includes the redevelopment of the Sydney Opera House’s main concert hall, with work on that particular phase to begin by February 2020.

The Yallamundi Rooms was handled by TZG, which is also responsible for the design of a new creative learning centre inside an extant office space in the House, as well as upgrading the box office and entry foyers, then completing the pedestrianisation of some underused space beneath the Monumental Steps. TZG has already worked on the Opera House’s spaces in the past, having handled the interior design of the Bennelong restaurant back in 2015.

The TZG issued a design statement on the projects, saying that every work was designated as elements with their own positions inside the Opera House, what they consider its own architectural continuum, wherein they’re imbedded in the history of the iconic structure, but still be able to reach out to the future of both the Opera House, and the city.

The refurbishment of the space for event hire in Sydney retained much of what was already there, like the fabric, the off-form concrete, as well as the space’s granite terrazzo floor finish. The space’s “wobblies”, the white birch moulded timber panels in the area, have been moved around in order to create a complete ceiling that hides the services done.

The Sydney Opera House management offered some insight into the project, starting with the choice of name;Yallamundi, which is the local Indigenous word for “storyteller”. According to Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron, this was chosen due to the fact that the Opera House was built on Bennelong Point, known as Tubowgule to the Gadigal, the original inhabitants of the land. For millennia, Herron says, the space has been one for people to gather, feast, dance, sing, and share stories with each other. The Yallamundi Rooms, they say, were built with the intention of continuing this legacy.


Melbourne’s New Bridal Boutique Designed By Adam Kane Architects

The wedding industry is one of the largest and most profitable in the world. Many have thriving businesses as wedding vendors such as companies that offer marquee hire in Melbourne because people will never stop getting married. This is why there is no surprise that another wedding vendor is launching in the city in the form of a bridal boutique.

Melbourne’s newest offering for couples planning to get married is the Mariana Hardwick which was designed by Adam Kane Architects, a firm based in Australia. The design is a minimalist one comprised only of marble fixtures in grey, concrete floors and plaster walls in plain white. Despite being a bridal boutique, the management decided that it is best to skip the overly feminine theme.

The entire shop is covered in cool tones and the materials used are all natural in aesthetics. The architects admitted that it was the exact opposite of the usual bridal boutiques found all over the planet.

According to the founder of Adam Kane Architects, they want to create a design that does not depend on a luxurious look alone that it becomes to feminine which is too common a theme already. They took a new path by taking inspiration from retail spaces in Europe including museums because these are establishments with aesthetics that are inclined to be minimalistic.

The entire retail space is 1,400 square meters and it is located at the ground floor of a hotel from the Victorian era. After being leased by different tenants, the rooms have various fit-outs. The architects started by bringing down all the partitions to create an open interior. With a simple floor plan, the wedding dresses will surely be the center of attention.

The number inspiration of the team for the project is the Valentino store located in New York which was designed by David Chipperfield. Inside the store, every surface is covered with terrazzo in grey color. This is the shop they wanted to replicate because it shows timelessness and control. Despite the concept, they are careful not to convey the space to be sterile-looking or too bland for class. After brides have booked their marquee hire in Melbourne, they can enjoy dress shopping in this new boutique.