4 Things To Learn In Starbright Montessori

Preschool education in schools such as Starbright Montessori is crucial. It is where the educational foundation of children is developed. If from the start your child is not motivated in learning, this will continue and affect his or her study habits and overall educational appreciation. This is the reason why, from the very beginning, it is important to take your child to a preschool where he or she will be engaged and interested to learn. Some of the things that your child will learn in school may include the following:


Given the right preschool, your child will be exposed to plants, aquarium, shells and classroom pets. Some of the activities given include planting seeds in a pot and growing them, feeding the animals and fishes and how to take care of domestic animals. Preschool children are also exposed to rocks, sand, leaves and their immediate surroundings. There are some preschools, such as Starbright Montessori that take learners to zoos and theme parks to expose children to nature and science.


At an early stage, children are now exposed to computer science and how to use the modern technology. This will teach your child to be adept with the current times and also to develop their interest in the modern world.


Your child will be exposed to different fields of interests, such as sports, computers, science, and then of course there is art. This will allow your child to discover his or her leanings and interests for you to pick on and support. In preschools, children are exposed to art materials such as scissors, crayons, colored pens, water colors and many others. They will also be taught the basics of drawings and creating images and items straight from their imagination.


Of course, your child in Starbright Montessori or your preferred preschool will be taught literacy and how to write basic alphabets and numbers. He or she will also be taught to identify shapes, colors and sizes. Children are also exposed to books and writing materials in preschool settings. Find a preschool ample material to encourage your child to learn every day.


International Schools And IB Curriculums

Aside from American, British, Canadian curriculums, international schools also adhere to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. Unlike other curriculums, the IB Programme is useful and appropriate in this globalized world.

Majority of Thai international schools follow the IB Programme. As of August 2018, there are only 19 international schools that are considered the best in regards to their IB Programme. Among this is American Pacific International School, International School of Bangkok and St. Andrews Green Valley Rayong. Their school websites are as follows: http://www.apis.ac.th/index.php/en/, https://www.isb.ac.th/, and https://www.standrewsgreenvalley.com/.

What makes it special?

The IB Programme consists of four programmes for each age group.

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) a curriculum for children aged 3 to 12 years. It instils valuable skills such as critical thinking and independent learning in children.

The IB Middle Years Programme is (MYP) for students aged 11 to 16 years. It builds on existing skills gained from the PYP. The MYP teaches students to apply their lessons into situations and see the connection.

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) caters to students aged 16 to 19 years old and preparesthem for university. The DP is the most gruelling as it consists of examinations, and assessments covering six subjects.

Meanwhile, the IB Career-related Programme (CP) focuses on students heading to employment. It requires students to take a minimum of 2 programs, 1 core subject and a career-related course. It is advantageous as it allows students to apply their learnings gained from the IB curriculum.

IB and its Benefits

The IB curriculum is useful in the era of globalization. Adopting an inquiry-based approach, it encourages students to think critically and challenge existing norms, and perspectives. It allows them to comprehend different contexts due to an advanced understanding of culture. The IB curriculum also boasts an inter-disciplinary approach. Students to learn to recognize patterns and connections, enabling them to see implications in both local and international contexts.The IB programme also develops multilingual students. Mastering various languages can help their future endeavours in education and employment.

International schools in Thailand

Thai international schools adhering to the IB Programme are known to produce top-notch students. One can learn more about this program by visiting the respective school websites. For St. Andrews International School Green Valley,their school website is https://www.standrewsgreenvalley.com/. For American Pacific International School, it is http://www.apis.ac.th/index.php/en/ while the International School of Bangkok can be reached by https://www.isb.ac.th/.


Asian Canadian Lawyer Group Gaining Momentum

Lawyers come in all shapes and sizes, and any criminal lawyer in Brampton or anywhere across the world look to find a group that can help them find clients, make sure they’re up to par with regulations and standards, as well as to find others like them.

Asian Canadian lawyers have been paying attention to the New Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers Ontario for this reason, which has been gaining attention recently thanks to their growing momentum, which included an appearance in the Supreme Court, a visit from the Chief Justice, and even acknowledgement from parliament.

FACL President Gerald Chan says that they’ve been working hard to build momentum, and he’s honored to take on a leadership position during this time, pointing to the moment when the Secretary of the Minister of Justice asking about their position regarding an issue being tackled by the Criminal Lawyers’ Association.

One of the key issues the FACL is looking to deal with is the immediate challenge of advocacy, which Chan says it hopes to deal with using the legal skills of the organizations’ members, working to achieve greater equity, diversity and inclusion in the law community. Notably, the Law Society of Ontario has been mandating that lawyers sign a statement saying that they’ll be promoting diversity and inclusion principles. FACL Ontario has thrown its support with the requirement, but more than a few members of the LSO’s board of benchers are casting doubt on the matter.

Chan notes that it’s interesting time for equity, diversity and inclusion for the lawyer community, and even a criminal lawyer in Brampton would say that it is also a difficult time, given how the recent bencher elections and all of the debates regarding the statement of principles.

Chan notes that the FACL’s advocacy has taken different forms in the past, with engaging with law society and Convocation among the means they’ve used. Now, more than ever, Chan says that it’s key, but he also notes that their advocacy is more than that, and he believes that it shouldn’t be restricted to that.

Chan admits that he recognizes that the opposition has used to fight back against the SOP, but he says that the FACL disagrees. He notes how all lawyers swear to uphold the oath to promote justice is something no one really argues, or debates about. In his eyes, promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion aren’t any different.


International Schools In Thailand

When it comes to international education, Southeast Asia has just become the primary spot for putting up international schools. The number of international schools continues to increase as more parents tend to provide an education that follows an international curriculum and English as the medium of instruction. Many companies prefer job applicants that can speak well in English.

Thailand has at least 205 international schools that use English as a medium of instruction. There are at least more than 72,800 students between 3 and 18 years old who are enrolled in international schools, such as St Andrews International School, to date. Thailand is included in the list of the top five countries that favour international education. Research suggests that parents usually consider 20 schools before making their final decision. The international schools in Bangkok have extremely high standards in maintaining the quality of their school and education. This is particularly true to the premium international school.

Premium international school usually charges high school fees. However, most of these international schools are respected and recognized by the primary international school associations. Bangkok has a total of 118 international schools and 49 of which are premium. The other countries belonging to the top five countries are Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Dubai.

Growth of International School in Thailand

Over the last five years, the international schools market in Thailand has steady growth. More local Thai children are attending international schools than in any other countries. Currently, 46% of all students who attend international schools in Thailand are Thai nationals.

There is an increase in the number of Asian expatriate families who visit the country. These families usually come from Japan, South Korea, India, and China. More international are being constructed in Thailand to accommodate the number of demands for them. There are prestigious international schools that already expressed their interest to build a branch of their school in Thailand in the year 2020.

Expect to see more of international schools like St Andrews International School to be built in Thailand for the years to come. The system of education in Thailand may soon adapt the methodology that the international school imposes.


Ministry Of Education Receive Hundreds Of Complaints Regarding Early Childhood Services

If governments will invest in early quality preschool education, the country’s workforce can strengthen and future generations can become more competitive in the global economy. Proper early childhood education is offered by Star Bright Montessori to shape their minds and attitudes towards learning.

New Zealand Education Ministry received 450 complaints last year regarding early childhood services. Most complaints were about bad teachers, fraudulent record keeping and biting children. The number of complaints was 26% higher than the previous year with 221 confirmed.

Because of the number of complaints received, the licenses of 5 services were cancelled. 6 others had their licenses suspended while 34 were on provisional licenses. The ministry also referred 19 complaints to the police and 22 to the Teaching Council after the investigations.

The ministry confirmed 73 allegations of health and safety and hazardous management of food practices, 45 allegations of poor management of behaviors of children by teachers, 39 allegations of inadequate supervision of children and 33 allegations regarding problems with management and services.

One complaint alleged a service for failing to promptly respond to the symptoms of a child who later died after being hospitalized in 2017. According to the ministry’s investigations, there were no problems with the service’s facilities and procedures but there were problems with the premises and facilities.

The ministry also found out 27 cases of services with inadequate number of staff than legally required. There was deliberate falsification of records to hide the fact that there was no minimum child to teacher ratio.

Immediate license suspension followed by cancellation was meted out to the service that has inappropriate behavior management practices like ill-treatment, solitary confinement, physical and verbal abuse and bullying or children. There were also issues about children being forced fed. Parents have become more confident of reporting because they know that the Education Ministry is acting on their complaints.

It is very important for a preschool’s environment to be welcoming and interesting so that children will be more comfortable learning. At the Star Bright Montessori, there is a large area that encourages movement and freedom to discover opportunities and activities. The Montessori classroom is a large open space where children are free to work individually or in groups.