Australia’s Federal Budget Revealed, Includes $2bn For Road Safety

Australia’s government recently revealed its 2020-21 budget, showing where the federal government will be investing money as part of their plans to help Australia recover.

From the average Aussie, to local companies like Excellence Coaches, to big names like Amazon, the Federal Government’s budget had been the topic of discussion, as it extends the current government’s 10-year infrastructure pipeline, credited with supporting around 100,000 jobs across the AU.

Included in the budget is $14bn earmarked for infrastructure projects, aimed at supporting an additional 40,000 jobs to the pipeline’s numbers, with the goal of boosting productivity in the country and providing Aussies with long term benefits.

Mr. Frydenberg issued a statement on the matter, saying that these infrastructure investments would help ready the country for the future, adding that they’ve seen that building infrastructure creates more jobs.

The budget will fund major projects across Australia, like the upgrades scheduled for the Carpentaria Highway in the Northern Territory, the upgrades for the Shepparton and Warrnambool Rail Lines in Victoria, among others.

The federal government will also provide an additional $3bn for what they call ‘shovel-ready projects’. $2bn of this is set for small scale road safety projects, while the remaining $1bn is earmarked for the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.

Mr. Frydenberg noted that ‘shovel-ready projects’ need to be worked on by the respective states as soon as possible. If not, the government can simply reallocate the cash and give it to another state.

Good news for companies in the transport and travel industries, like Excellence Coaches, as transport infrastructure in the AU, will be receiving a massive $7.5bn investment, divvied up as follows:

  • $2.7bn for NSW
  • $1.3bn for Queensland
  • $1.1bn for Victoria, same for Western Australia
  • $625mn for South Australia
  • $360mn for Tasmania
  • $190mn for the Northern Territory
  • $155mn for the ACT

Certain specific projects set to receive funding were also revealed in the budget, including:

  • $750mn for the first stage of Queensland’s Coomera Connector
  • $528mn for the upgrading of Victoria’s Shepparton and Warrnambool rail lines
  • $490.6mn for NSW’s Coffs Harbour Bypass
  • $136mn for South Australia’s Main South Road Duplication
  • $87.5mn for the ACT’s Molonglo River Bridge
  • $80mn for Western Australi’s Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network
  • $65mn for upgrades to Tasmania’s Tasman Bridge
  • $46.6 for upgrades to the Northern Territory’s National Network Highway

Risks Faced By Employees Who Post Anonymous Bad Reviews

The employees of a digital agency had a different idea to advertise the company’s brand. They posted King Kong advertising review in review sites to inform potential applicants of the reasonable benefits they receive including the support of the management. Aside from encouraging potential applicants, the digital agency generates awareness for the brand.

When a customer wants to complain about a salty risotto, he shares the grievance through Yelp. If job seeker wants to obtain information about a company’s management practices, morale and salary ranges, he goes to Glassdoor.

Popular online job sites were launched to allow current and former employees to anonymously share their work experiences about work life balance, office snacks and why they left the company. However, there are instances when the anonymous review of an employer is considered personally objectionable and legally actionable.

HuffPost asked legal experts about the risks faced by an employee when posting anonymously about the employer including constitutional protections available. According to Aaron Mackey, staff attorney of Electronic Frontier Foundation, an employer can be upset by bad reviews from former employees that he becomes seriously motivated to initiate litigation. EFF filed briefs involving Glassdoor to unmask anonymous users.

Many employers have started legal action to send a message to employees that they will not tolerate anonymous bad reviews. The way that an employee tells a story about his workplace experience spells the difference on whether he can be sued successfully. In defamation claims, courts will determine whether the opinion can be proven as true or false. One of the key elements that establish defamation is a false statement of fact.

If an employee posts a review that a CEO used illegal drugs during a work party, it cannot be characterized as an opinion. It more likely to be considered an opinion if the review says that “It seems that that there is a lot of drug use in the company.”

Honest anonymous reviews are very valuable to an employer. For example King Kong advertising review includes truthful statements about the workplace and the management. Job seekers read reviews before they decide because it gives them an idea of a potential employer.



October General Election Can Have An Impact On The Loonie

The Loonie could drop its value in the weeks prior to the October general elections. Local analysts opine that the exchange rate of CAD can be volatile for the few weeks before the run-up to the late October elections.

The recent gains of CAD against USD and Pound sterling make it sensitive to the political uncertainty in the capital. Forex analysists, however predict that the election hedging will be less skewed than that of the previous years to USD/CAD hedging. The policy platforms and the results of the opinion polls may have a serious impact on CAD forecast.

Experts say that there may be a fall in the CAD as international investors may look for measures to hedge their investments, in a bid to protect themselves before the general elections. These investors will place bets on the negative CAD forecast to protect themselves from the losses due to negative exchange rate. They can offset the losses caused by reduction in the value of Canadian assets using the profits from the bets on reducing CAD. But betting on the falling Loonie can result in an increased supply of CAD in the market, which may further reduce its value.

Apart from the hedging pressure from investors, the policy initiatives from Right are also predicted to have an impact on the USD/CAD rate. This creates a two-sided election risk for CAD. Engaging market participants throughout the election debates may help to reduce the pressure on Loonie.

The main problem Canada is facing right now is the absence of infrastructure to export its oil and petroleum products to global markets other than its preferred trade partner the USA. Apart from this, there are a host of other policy issues that make it expensive to import Canadian products for overseas consumers.

Andrew Scheer of Conservative party may come up with a competitive plan to strengthen the CAD, in his election debates. Any positive policies from Scheer that aim to strengthen the CAD forecast may move the USD/ CAD in the right direction by 2.5%.

The result of October election is going to have a great impact on the CAD forecast. Apart from the election results, the rate cuts from Bank of Canada and global indicators will also determine the fate of Loonie in the coming months.


How To Find A Financial Advice Online

Commuting from one location to another has become more difficult today due to an increase in traffic. One can get a better way for help by seeking financial advice online, where they can always resort to the Internet.  Here you’ll find many websites that can give you financial advice especially if you’re in the middle of a financial problem and need urgent decision.

When you seek financial advice online, trust that you’re dealing with reputed websites. You can ask the financial adviser about few questions, which they will gladly respond to what you need. Speaking with an online financial adviser may be helpful especially if you really need someone to talk to about your finances, and when there’s no one physically present to discuss it to.

The good thing about online access is that you can talk to a financial adviser in real time through instant messaging when you need urgent decisions. However, you also need to be extra careful as you may be endangering your finances on someone whom you really don’t know.

When you seek financial advice, you want to discuss about real estate, mortgages, loans, debts, insurance, taxes and investments. For real estate, your online financial adviser can recommend suitable real estate properties you can get from the market, making things easier for you.

If you want reputed financial advisers when seeking financial advice online, you can check out the Internet for information. See if they can provide free consultations before you decide on choosing them. You must be able to judge their responses and see if this is what you’re searching for. There are some sites that offer great solutions to your problems. If you find the response considerable, then why not communicate with them over the phone.

Online financial advices are found from leading domains in the world. They also offer educational services for their clients, apart from handling financial problems. In fact, they are best known for providing excellent financial advice to their customers over the years. And they have been in this business for such a long time. You can easily connect with them and have the experience to test the various solutions they provide online.

So, if you decide on a financial advice online, check their qualifications before you’re minted out of your time and money. Remember that such services are expensive; hence, you need to be extra careful when deciding.



Three Benefits Of Investing In Corporate Team Building Activities

Employees are an important resource for any business organization. While all the organizations invest in training and skill development of the employees, team building is one area that is often ignored by most of the business organizations. Team building helps to improve the morale of the employees and increase their productivity. Team building efforts have long-term benefits that have an effect on the working culture of the organization. Some of the advantages of team building are

Team building helps to develop trust among the employees

Regular team building activities and exercises help to improve trust among the co-workers. Participating in outdoor team building activities, which fall outside the scope of regular job duties helps the employees to relax and bond with each other. When the employees work together as a team in a relaxed environment, the process of creative dialogue develops trust among the team members. This enables the employees to trust on each other and improve their co-ordination when they come back to regular jobs.

Team building activities improve the morale of the employees

Team building exercises involve a lot of fun and laughter. The teams work together to win a game or a treasure hunt while participating in outdoor team building activities and programmes. This process allows them to come out with creative ideas to solve the problems at hand and win the game. They help to develop a competitive spirit among the employees and helps them to make good connect with each other. When the employees connect with each other on a personal level and have a competitive spirit, it helps to boost their morale and improve the productivity.

Team building events help to develop better communication among co-workers

Team building activities require the members of a team communicate with each other and come up with creative ideas to solve odd problems or to win a game. Most of the outdoor team building activities involve a treasure hunt or some interesting tasks that necessitate the employees to communicate and know about each other. This helps the employees to know about the different backgrounds of their co-workers and respect the differences. Development of better channels of communication among the employees leads to fewer misunderstandings and conflict at the work place.