The Growing Demand For Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

In the past decade, cosmetic surgery tourism became a phenomenon. All-inclusive vacation packages include cosmetic surgery for more affordable prices than cosmetic procedures in the United States. There are popular destinations where a patient can enjoy a vacation simultaneously with cosmetic surgery from skilled and trained surgeons.

Many people who are planning for plastic surgery are discouraged by health care risks and the exorbitant prices of cosmetic procedures. A perfect solution is to go to Turkey that ranks 2nd in Europe and 9th globally in the number of plastic surgeons. In fact, Turkey has become a popular destination for medical tourism.

In 2018, medical tourism in Turkey was estimated at about £1.8 billion. The growth in demand can be attributed to the high number of well educated, talented and experienced surgeons. Cosmetic procedures are performed for a much lower price compared to the UK and the rest of Europe. Labour and operational costs are much lower in Turkey that is why it can offer more affordable cosmetic procedures.

The most popular treatments that UK patients undergo while in Turkey include liposuction, breast implants, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, breast lift and facial surgery. Aside from the lower costs, patients return to the UK with great satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Gulsultan Dogan, founder of MCAN Health is concerned about the negative news about medical tourism in Turkey. Misinformation is misleading patients in the UK. People must not generalize because there are good and bad surgeons everywhere, not only in Turkey. Risks can be minimized during plastic surgery if the patient chooses experienced surgeons at accredited hospitals.

Gulsultan advises people who are planning for plastic surgery to choose a trustworthy and reliable travel agency that offers medical tourism. Research carefully and choose a company with an outstanding track record and prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of travellers to Turkey.

There are many countries across the world that offers cosmetic surgery tourism to travellers. Both vacation and cosmetic surgery are offered in the travel package. However, there are countries that are more popular for specific treatments. Do your research to get affordable treatments to enhance your looks through highly trained medical professionals.


Laura Mercer Coming Back To Australia

From salons, to makeup, to hair extentions in Bondi Junction, the cosmetics market can be cutthroat; things, ironically, can get ugly, and some brands either get killed or are forced to make exits in certain region.

Historical American make-up brand Laura Mercier is one such brand, having left the AU cosmetics stage earlier in 2018. The market felt their leaving, as a lot of cosmetic brands’ products are quite popular, thanks to its long history and international reach. The exit was made by the company back in July 1, 2018, and was met with a lot of comments and talk, with some questioning if the decision might have something to do with the Australian senate’s ruling to ban the sale of any cosmetics that underwent animal testing, but the company refuted that.

Founded back in 1996 by French make-up artist Laura Mercier, the brand was the make-up artist’s own take on cosmetics, as she felt that the products that were available at the time were not up to her standards. Cosmetics like eyeliner, and hair extentions in Bondi Junction, have their roots in one daring brand, and for foundation primer, that brand is Laura Mercier, introducing and popularizing the cosmetics product to the world.

The make-up artist and her brand is known for natural beauty with minimal makeup thanks to techniques with primers and foundations. To say the least, this is a popular brand, available via major retailers across the world, except Australia.

That’s recently, as the cosmetics brand made its awaited return to the Australian market. Aussie cosmetics retailer Mecca announced, a day before Valentine’s Day 2019, that they’ll be bringing back the cosmetics brand. Laura Mercier products became available from Mecca Australia stores and on their site, since the 26th of February.

Additionally, Mecca released a list of products from the Laura Mercier product range they’ll be stocking, which include, but are not limited to, the following products:

  • Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Foundation;
  • Face Illuminator;
  • 6 iterations of Foundation Primer including Blemish-less, and hydrating SPF 30+;
  • Hidden Gems Eyeshadow Palette;
  • Secret Brightening Powder for Under Eyes;
  • Secret Concealer, and;
  • Tinted Moisturiser, and others.