Companies Leading The Change In Internal Combustion Engines

It seems like self-driving cars running on electric power will be the vehicle for the near future to replace the internal combustion engines (ICE) that have been powering vehicles for more than a century. While gas-burning engines have done serious damage to the environment and have contributed to global warming, gasoline-powered vehicles are not going away any time soon.

Internal combustion engines will remain relevant in spite of an electric power future if people can fundamentally change the function of ICE. For several decades, the internal combustion engine has relatively remained unchanged and an evolution is required to keep it running. Companies like Koenigsegg are working to recreate parts of the age-old design.

Koenigsegg is pushing its Freevalve technology that makes use of pneumatic actuators to open and close valves instead of the traditional camshafts that have powered ICE for decades. If engines will be equipped with the new technology, they can run on diesel, gas and/or alcohol without the need for mechanical modification. The Freevalve technology can also produce engines that are completely CO2 neutral.

Another company that is making strides to innovate internal combustion engines is Mazda. Mazda’s X engine will be the first mass produced compress ignition gasoline engine. By designing a gasoline engine to perform like a diesel engine, it will drastically increase fuel economy and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Microwave Ignition is a company that is focused on using microwave to ignite fuel instead of the tradition spark plugs. Fuel economy will be increased because the system will burn fuel at a lower temperature. Aside from the 30% reduction in fuel consumption, microwave ignition systems are cleaner technology with fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Toyota is now leading the change with its advanced hybrid system that will increase fuel economy in its current product line. Instead of killing its gas-powered vehicles, Toyota has focused on an advanced system for its vehicles.

If you are shopping for car components, offers quality components from top brands. You can choose between two ignition systems for standard engines. There is also electronic advance control to significantly improve ignition and eliminate the need for a distributor.


3 Things To Consider When Buying Automotive Stuff

If you are in need to purchase Automotive Stuff, you can easily get online and find the item you need. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. There are a few things to consider if you want to buy the right car part at the right price. Here are some ideas to consider:

Your car’s age

One of the things that you should primarily consider when buying a replacement for your auto part is the age of your vehicle. As a matter of fact, it is one of the basic questions a mechanic or sales representative will ask from you when you have your car checked or when you are inquiring for a car part replacement. Even if you go to the website of auto parts dealer, you would be asked to fill out a form which requires for you to input the year of the car’s manufacturing.  Generally, if your car is brand new, you will get a genuine part since it is most likely under warranty. If you need Automotive Stuff for a car that is more than 4 years old, an OEM or aftermarket part will be most suitable. If your car is beyond its warranty, a used or refurbished part can work best for it.

The car part for replacement

The type of auto part that you are going to purchase will also depend on the type of work that needs to be done on your car. For instance, if your car needs major work such as on the transmission and engine, it is only right for you to invest and purchase the highest quality in the market to ensure optimum performance and reliability. For minor replacements, you can go for refurbished or rebuilt auto parts for your vehicle.


Your budget will ultimately decide the type of Automotive Stuff that you are going to get. However, as mentioned earlier, if the replacement is major, it would be a wise idea to invest on the auto part. Opt for the genuine part or OEM as they are two of the top most when it comes to reliability. Shop from different suppliers to find the lowest price possible for your needed auto parts.



Pros And Cons Of Faux Leather Seat Covers

Seat covers are an ideal choice to improve the look of the interiors in a car. Seat covers are available in a range of materials, sizes, colors and designs. The choice of material is an important consideration while choosing seat covers for your vehicle.

Seat covers are available in a variety of materials such as fabric seat covers, Leather Seat covers, faux leather or leatherette seat covers. Leather covers lend opulence to the interiors of the car, but they are expensive. Most car owners prefer to use leatherette or faux leather covers to get the looks of leather covers in fraction of the price.

Faux leather seat covers are made using synthetic leather. Leatherette seat covers offer most of the benefits of Leather Seat Covers such as comfort, aesthetics and breathability. These covers are animal friendly as they are produced from synthetic materials.Here are some pros and cons of leatherette seat covers.


  1. Leatherette seat covers cost less. They are available at the fraction of price of Leather Seat Covers. The cost of faux leather covers varies depending on the quality of material, type of stitching etc.
  2. Leatherette seat covers are scratch and spill resistant. They are easy to clean and maintain. They do not require expensive cleaning products.
  3. Faux leather covers are water resistant and stain proof.
  4. They are available in a large variety of colors and designs.


  1. Faux leather covers lack the quality and comfort of pure Leather Seat Covers. Though they match the look and feel of leather, they are made of synthetic materials and do not provide the same comfort and quality.
  2. Faux leather covers get hot and sticky during hot climate. They are not suitable for regions with hot climatic conditions.

Faux leather covers are ideal for car owners, who wish to enhance the interiors of their vehicle in low cost. There are booth pros and cons of using these covers, but they are a good choice while you are looking for economic options. Buying faux leather seat covers from a reputed company is important to ensure they are of good quality. Good quality leatherette seat covers provide the same protection and comfort such as pure Leather Seat Covers. It is advisable to buy customized leatherette seat covers to ensure they fit the seats perfectly.


New ‘Vehicle Wrapping Association Of Australia’ Growing

A new non-profit association, the Vehicle Wrapping Association of Australia, has been getting a lot of support as wrappers across the country, from those handling fleet signage in Brisbane to those dealing with race car wraps in Melbourne, join the association.

The VWAA, founded by industry veteran and owner of WA’s Wrap Works, Mark Murray, rolled-out quietly in December 2018, and already has several leading vehicle wrapping businesses from across Australia counted among its members.

The VWAA has an auditing process that needs to be taken by any aspiring member, with only those passing being counted as accredited members, regardless of whether they handle fleet signage in Brisbane or in Sydney. Currently, Pure Image (VIC), Signrite (TAS), and Zooma Signs (QLD), among others.

According to Murray, the vehicle wrapping industry has expanded in recent years, and has seen quite a few ‘crap jobs and less than stellar workmanship’, which he hopes to remedy. The 53-year-old says that, having been in the industry his whole life,he noticed that, as the industry grew, pricing was changing and standards were degrading.

Customers, he says, don’t deserve to see their car’s film come off. It was an issue that was giving the industry a bad name, with some actual sign shops botching jobs. Murray says that some shops, erroneously, think they can wrap vehicles simply because they handled signage.

Car wrapping, Murray adds, is an art form. There’s more to it than simple signage, and there are accreditations and insurance policies to give customers peace of mind. To that end, he founded the VWAA, where members would be tested, before being given proper accreditation, and only after meeting the set standards.

Murray explains that membership to the VWAA is purely voluntary; if a wrap business doesn’t have the VWAA logo, he explains, it doesn’t automatically mean that the wrapper isn’t a professional, but the VWAA does provide customers peace of mind that they’ll get professional level workmanship when they get their car wrapped.

All VWAA members undergo auditing to ensure that they meet the association’s professional, legal and ethical requirements.

Murray says that all he wants for the industry, what he wants the VWAA to promote, is to embrace legitimate, ethical trading business practices, proper material supplying, as well as installers that are both experienced and accredited.