Startup Pushing For Electric Bike That Shift Shape With Collision Warning

Damon is a startup firm based in Canada that is planning to disrupt the motorcycle market with the latest technology. Innovation has clearly impacted everything in the industry from the gears sold in motorcycle clothing store to the actual motorcycles itself. According to the startup company, its motorcycle will follow a geometry that makes it possible to use different riding position and it also comes equipped with a collision warning system by tracking the condition of the road traffic. This is specifically created with the safety of the riders as the top priority.

Damon is an upcoming company specializing in motorcycle technology with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. As of the moment, it is involved in several projects but the end goal is to combine everything in order to develop a new electric motorcycle. The startup has already collected around $1.9 million from the seed funding they launched. The company said in a statement that they will “Damonize” motorcycle manufacturers so they can be the supplier of next generation motorcycle safety technologies to leading brands.

The safety system they have developed is called the Advance Warning System for Motorcycles. It comes with a number of sensors, radar, net computing and camera. With this tech, it can monitor around 64 objects that are in proximity with the motorcycle while on the road. this monitoring system has the capacity to analyse trajectories as well as behaviours to determine accidents and send a warning beforehand.

The cockpit of the bike is installed with LED strips that will light up as a warning along with vibration units embedded on the grip. The dash will also feature a rear view camera to give the rider a wide-angle view of what is behind the motorcycle.

As much as possible, safety is prioritized with motorcycle clothing store stocking up with safety gear which is why Damon understands the need of the consumers when it comes to the type of motorcycle they want to own. A prototype of the AWSM system was already made by Damon that is used for demo rides.


Climate Controlled Seats To Become Available In Honda Motorcycles

One of the top motorcycle brands in the United Kingdom is Honda. In fact, there are authorized dealers like Wheels Honda that offer a fantastic range of new Honda motorcycles and scooters. Honda scooters are convenient, versatile and affordable while the commuter bikes are easy to ride and match perfectly with any lifestyle. There are also Honda adventure bikes for those who want to explore new trials and distant horizons.

Almost all premium cars today that are available in the market have climate controlled seats. Because the demand has been quite significant, even affordable models are now fitted with the special seats. A leak in a patent application of Honda revealed that the Japanese manufacturer of cars and motorcycles is thinking that it is time for motorcycles to have the temperature controlled seat particularly the sport touring and cruiser models.

The image in the patent application reveals that the temperature controlled seat is already on the planning stage but a document confirms that the seat has already been designed and tested successfully. If the basis used is the image, it will reveal that the temperature on the seat has an adjustment from the switchgear to the handle.

It is apparent that the motorcycle used in the patent application is a previous gen CBR1000RR which was marketed in several countries as “Fireblade” a 998cc 4-cylinder street bike. From the design, you will notice that Honda can adapt the tech to other bike models. The duct that is running underneath the fuel tank to the seat will pipe in warm or cool air.

The patent application also suggests that the bike will use a revised seat material made from plastic mesh that is resistant to the elements but will allow air to flow through it. It is expected that Honda will offer the new technology with its 2020 Gold Wing and other long distance models.

Meanwhile, you are invited to visit Wheels Honda, an authorized Honda dealer in Leicester and Peterborough areas. There are powerful bikes for skilled riders as well as adventure bikes and scooters. Unbeatable service is guaranteed whether you are new customer or someone who has previously bought a bike, parts or accessories.


What Are The Popular Types Of Helmets

The most critical motorcycle safety gear is, the helmet. It is mandatory in most of the countries, to wear a helmet, whenever you ride a bike or scooter. Most of the new bike buyers are ill-informed about choosing the right type of helmet that suits the shape and size of their head and also their riding style.

Helmets are available in many designs, which makes choosing the right helmet a daunting task for new riders. First time bike buyers can consult motorbike clothing shops that sell motorcycle riding and safety gear to get an idea about the different types of helmets and their features.

Here is a handy guide to know about the different types of helmets.

Full-face helmets- the safest

Full-face helmets cover the top, front, back and sides of the head and is the safest helmet for bike riders. The helmet has a visor in the eye area. The visor is fitted with a UV resistant and anti-fogging lens to protect the eyes from the harmful sunlight. Full face helmets are available in a wide range of designs and models to suit different riding styles and weather conditions.

Flip-up helmet

These helmets are also known as modular helmets. The chin bar of these helmets can be flipped up to convert it into an open face helmet. Most riders prefer modular helmets as they are convenient and provide good ventilation in hot weather. However, the hinge on the bottom part of the helmet, effects the safety of the helmet.

Open face helmet

These helmets do not have a chin bar. The open face helmet covers only the top, back and sides of the head. These helmets are relatively less safe than the full face and modular helmets. However, the vintage look offered by these helmets make them a craze among the young riders.

Half helmet

The shorty or brain bucket as it is popularly known, is a stylish yet unsafe helmet. This helmet covers only the top portion of the head. These helmets are worn by people riding scooters and are mostly worn for their cool look. These helmets do not have any eye protection and the wearer must use googles for sun protection.

Most of the motorcycle clothing shops have all the four varieties of helmets along with other models like, motocross and hybrid helmets.


How To Find Vespa For Sale

There are different ways of how you can find items that are for sale in a more convenient and easy manner. Before the advent of technology, we can only advertise items for sale in the classified ads section of newspapers and other print media which give us a slow turnover. Today, with the influx of technology, we can have faster results having the internet and social media where we can market our products effectively.

One example is the Vespa for sale which is a popular and fast-moving product because of its prominence and elegance in the motorcycle industry. You can make use of the internet as one of the avenues to advertise your product. In this way, you can easily search from various search engines using keywords that describe the item or topic that you want to get information of. Posting a picture on your advertisement adds to the marketability of your product. The consumers can have a clear perspective and appreciate better about the product because of its visual effects, thus, making it easy for the consumer to make a choice. It is the most effective and fast way to market your products online.

Another venue is through social media which play a great role in our lives today. Majority of the people around the world have social media accounts that are being used to express one’s opinions, post the activities such as travels, special occasions, and many other important events. Posting your products such as Vespa for sale in any of these media would provide effective results. You can expect to have a quick response from interested buyers, thus, making it easy for you and the customer.

One more thing, you can easily be contacted through the info boxes being provided. You can also freely write a good description and other salient points about the product on the internet and social media because of the luxury of space that you have. Unlike in the print ads where characters are limited.

So, finding a Vespa for sale is as easy as ABC if you just know how to navigate and use the internet and your social media account. These things make our life easier and more comfortable.


Elderly Man In Critical Condition After Collision With Honda Motorbike In Leigh

A pensioner was sent to the hospital after getting hit by a running Honda motorbike along Market Street in Leigh.

Fighting for his life

 The elderly man in his 70s is reportedly fighting for his life after the accident. He suffered serious head injuries and is in critical condition after being taken to the hospital.The Honda motorbike rider, another man in his 50s, suffered from minor injuries and is also in the hospital.

The Incident

 The incident happened last Monday, September 10, at 2:20 pm. The pedestrian was at the corner of Market Street and Lord Street when he collided with the motorcycle. The Greater Manchester Police has launched an investigation, and is encouraging witnesses to come forward and speak regarding the incident. Pete Cunningham from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit has expressed that they would like to speak with anyone who witnessed the incident, especially if they have foot ages on their dashcams, or if they saw the motorcycle before the collision occurred. No arrests have been made, but they are keen to talk to witnesses to further understand what went down. The accident happened in broad daylight at a busy part of the town, so they believe that there could have been a lot of witnesses who could give those details regarding what happened.

The Statistics

 In a study conducted in June 2015, the number of motorcycling incidents that has killed or seriously injured people in the UK has decreased by 76% since 1979. This was a decline from 21,277 from 1979 to 5,197 in 2013. The average deaths per week reached 6, while serious injuries was at 94 by 2013 as well.

Fatalities due to motorcycle incidents has been steadily declining over the years, with the exception of some peaks and troughs in some years. The highest annual number of fatalities was recorded in 1930. There were 1,832 deaths that year. 2012 was the lowest at 328. It has been stable since 2010. 2010 has the lowest percentage of injuries at 4,780.

Majority of the incidents involved riders below 25 years old, while riders aged 41 to 50 is at second place. The research has discovered that riders under 25 tend to ride less powerful bikes, while older motorcyclists are more likely to ride more powerful ones. The former accounts for 57% of KSIs with engines up to 125cc, while the latter take up 55% of KSIs with 500cc engine size and more.