3 Benefits Of Sea View Condos In Krabi

The sleepy ocean and calm bodies of water are some of the most relaxing sights you could ever see in this world. This is one of the reasons why tourists who get into vacations by the beach would always look for Sea View Condos in Krabi. The stunning beach view is also the reason why rooms with sea view are typically more expensive than standard rooms with garden view.  I mean, who wouldn’t’ want to wake up to a sunrise and turquoise water?  Aside from the view, here are some of the benefits of waking up to a breath-taking sea view.

Sea water for health

When you stay by the beach, the natural instinct is to take a few laps and swim in the waters or just lie on the shore and feel the calming water waves and sea breeze. According to studies, the sound of the waves naturally takes you to a deep relaxed state which helps invigorate the mind and body. Swimming and floating in water also has its share of health benefits. When you float in water, blood travels from the lower limbs up to the abdominal region. This enables fresh blood to get pumped around the body because you are no longer standing straight thereby supplying more oxygen to the brain which makes you naturally active and alert.

Better sleep due to fresh air

Sea View Condos in Krabi offer the benefit of residents to get better sleep at night due to fresh air from the sea. Sea air is charged with negative ions which is proven healthy and promotes better oxygen absorption. These negative ions found on sea air also contain serotonin, a natural body chemical that is linked with mood and stress. This is the reason why you feel better, energized and more relaxed after a vacation.

Sun kissed benefits

With ample sun in your body, you feel relaxed because the heat activates the endocrine system thereby secreting endorphins to naturally make you feel less stressed. By living in Sea View Condos in Krabi, you get ample sun, air and water which are vital elements to your well-being.


Park Hyatt Bangkok Opening In 2017

The Park Hyatt Bangkok, which was originally set for a 2014 launching, is finally opening its doors by early 2017 in March.

The Park Hyatt Bangkok hotel details

The hotel occupies the level 9 to level 36 in the Central Embassy’s complex located in Bangkok’s central business district. The hotel is linked to a shopping mall and an entertainment centre, featuring 45 restaurants and a cinema.

The exterior was designed by the Amanda Levete Architects, which is based in London. Shingles cover it – an inspiration from tiles in local pagodas. This will be illuminated from behind to give a shimmering effect during the evening.

The hotel has 222 elegant suites and rooms, including 57 various configurations for adjustments catering to guest preferences.

Their décor achieves a home-from-home feel which is fresh and minimalist.

According to the general manager of the hotel, Michael Golden, there will be numerous technology in every room, but not making a guest need any manual. The lights switches will be simple enough. There will be universal sockets and USB ports for charging devices.

The hotel dining as well as entertainment options include a Penthouse Bar & Grill, their entertainment complex comprising three and a half floors with different areas like the VIP area, a speak-easy and restaurant having an open kitchen.

The Embassy Room is going to be the primary dining area at the hotel. They will offer Asian and Western cuisine with focus on seafood.

They will also have a Living Room lounge that offers afternoon tea and light meals. There is also The Bar that specialises in Champagne, creative cocktails and vintage wines.

Their event facilities are laid out over 2,000 square metres, and this includes a bathroom having car park access. Their smaller meeting rooms in Bangkok will open to that of a show kitchen.

According to Golden, Thailand is already becoming a luxury destination – the Tourism Authority of Thailand just recently launched the “amazing Thailand” campaign that focuses on the luxury and high-end accommodation or experiences which one can enjoy, and they will be able to do that with their Park Hyatt Bangkok hotel.



The Impact Of The King On Thai Sailing

Aside from being modest, his innovation and endless efforts, His Majesty the King is also known in the sporting world of sailing. Different news about him conquering the shores of Thailand and moving on to other parts of the globe.

What makes his sailing career most remarkable is that he is the one building his own boats starting from scratch and then he would take his finished boats for a test at the lake located near the Chitralada Palace. His workshop is a witness of the effort he put into making his own sailing dinghies based on the three different categories – international moth, international enterprise and international OK.

He built his first boat back in December 7, 1964 which belongs to the enterprise class and he called it Rajptain. He then modified it to fit the international category in order to participate at the race held in Pattaya going to Koh Larn. He was competing against the Duke of Edinburgh when he came to Thailand for a royal visit in 1965. On the very same day, he started constructing his second boat which he called AG and with the same class as the first one.

It was 1965 when he was able to build a boat with a class of international OK and he called it Navaruek. He started to work on other boats too such as Vega 1, Vega 2 and Vega 3. After which he decided to try building boats that are international moth class. He designed and constructed the nimble dinghies called Mod, Super Mod, Micro Mod in the years 1966 and 1967. He applied for a patent for his boat Mod in the office located in Britain.

Aside from being an expert in boat building, His Majesty is also known for his skills in sailing which has earned him the title accomplished sailor and sportsman. He was able to win various competitions with his boats and some of his medals he accomplished with his daughter.

If you are motivated to try sailing after the King’s history, book a trip at Thailand Dive and Sail.



Tejas Trains To Offer World Class Experience

Tejas trains are now getting ready with the launching of their new trains, the operator is proud to announce that the service will let passengers experience world class travel. The trains will be equipped with high-tech equipment for the entertainment of the passengers. There will also be Wi-fi on board and displays that have Braille integration. The coaches which will be under the Tejas operator are now being ready for its world class journey.

Tejas means brilliance in English and the coaches will have a golden color for the paint. Another operator, Hamsafar, will also be launching their latest trains within the year. The Hamsafar coaches, on the other hand, will be covered in vinyl sheets and will be painted using colors that are of earthy and sky tone in order to let the passengers know that the trains are designed for the common people.

According to a senior official from the Railway Ministry, they are already on the final stage of designing the features of the train. The coaches will come from different operators such as Tejas, Deen Dayalu, Hamsafar and Antodaya. The units that are in charge of the production have already received the proper instructions requiring the features that each coach should have.

The coaches under Tejas will have two different classes – the executive class and chair cars. The Hamsafar, meanwhile, will have a 3 level air conditioning.

Aside from the improved outside appearance, the Tejas coaches will also have 22 new added features such as entertainment screens provided for each passenger together with their own hand phone socket and LED screens that will be relaying all the safety instructions.

The toilets will be bio-vacuum and will have an indicator for the water level; the taps employed sensors as well as the hand driers. The coaches of Tejas will also be equipped with Wi-Fi access and displays that can be used for Braille. There will be digital boards for the destination map and an electronic system where the passengers can book their tickets.

For those planning to Vietnam anytime soon, the railway system is also an enjoyable experience especially when taking a train from Hanoi to Sapa.


Villas Rentals In The Most Friendly Country

Of all of the southeast Asian destinations, Pattaya holiday rentals has a lot of wonderful offers. Although Phuket has ranked top in the tourisim industry’s survey as a travel destination paradise, Pattaya is just steps behind. As there have been many tourist going to Phuket, or Koh Samui, many are also booking their holidays in Pattaya. These holiday bookings are even compounded by the fact that most vacation goers choose to rent out villas. According to Euromonitor International, Thailand has been consistent in getting the most votes and ranking among the world’s most friendly country, and being the top in Southeast Asia.

Pattaya tourism is booming as well in the past years which is reflected in the growth of acquisition or rentals of beach front properties. This includes a wide selection of affordable yet luxurious amenities that are for sale or for rent. On a small island within the Gulf of Bangkok, Pattaya has an amazing view of the beaches. Holiday villas an common site, especially with swimming pools into their majestic Balinese- style estates. That is why Holiday Villas are the considered the best suitable place to stay when you are in for a beach escapade. Everything on the list is cleverly posted for each potential guest. For those who are really looking for a luxury experience like no other, but have not yet considered owning a vacation home, there is the alternative of renting it out. But there are lots to choose from, like the Koh Samui villa rentals or the Holiday Homes in Pattaya. Also in Krabi, tourists can get some of the finest Villas for rent.

Bali and Sri Lanka is also considered as one of the best places to have properties on the beach front. Despite the grand and luxurious Villas these places have got to offer, it is also afforable.

It is hard to argue with Tourism polls that Thailand beach properties are not worth looking into. Villas, for example, have price ranges that corresponds to the quality that a potential owner wants. These villas also go with different amenities. Many foreign property owners have first tried out renting the villas before they actually proceed to consider actually owning it.