Billie Faiers Hosts Grandiose “Greatest Showman” Themed Party

With their astounding story line and great soundtracks, the Greatest Showman has indeed captured the hearts of all of America and the world. From the bustling city of New York, it has been acclaimed and praised by a lot of countries worldwide and has been performed (and even reenacted) since its release. However, who would have thought that it would also become a theme inspiration for a lot parties including Billie Faiers’?

When you want to throw a party, you pursue a chair and table hire in Melbourne or wherever convenient, arrange with a party organizer, and even coordinate with prominent food serving companies who could bring onto the table nothing but the delectable dishes. And that is exactly what Faiers did.

Party Details

In line with her daughter Nelly’s fifth birthday celebration, Faeirs made sure that it was going to be a special day as the party was filled with rides and a petting zoo.

On top these, they also hired out the MacDonald’s Farm & Fun Park and embellished the vicinity with colourful balloons and decorations. He also bought a four-layered caked, adorned with the red and yellow icings and toppings, the signature colours of the award-winning movie musical.

All the children had the wonderful opportunity to try out the gamut of rides and even play alongside the pets in the said place.

Wedding Controversy

Amid the extravagant birthday party Billie had thrown, she jokingly said that it “added more fuel to fire”. It could be recalled two years ago that Billie complained about Phillip Schofield for repetitively asking her whether she had paid more than two hundred thousand pounds during her wedding interview. Billie emphasized that the unkind behaviour of Schofield made her very uncomfortable and bothered.

During the past interview, Billie paid for her 100 guests during their 7-day stay in the Kuramathi Maldives which costed her roughly four thousand pounds a week.

Indeed, be it a wedding, a birthday, or whatever party it is, what’s most important is that the party is well-planned and to make sure that everyone would have a good time. Hence, if you want to inquire regarding party needs like chair and table hire in Melbourne, feel free to drop by and make your party a blast!