AyushxPak, Wellness Tourism Gains Popularity

Whenever you are planning your next vacation trip to an international destination whether it’s a tropical country in the Asia Pacific Region or one of the countries in the European continent, you have to plan every single detail carefully because whether you like it or not, traveling to an international destination, regardless of your country of origin, is really expensive nowadays despite the tight competition in the airline industry. Now, aside from the airfare, the accommodation and other possible expenses, there are other things that you, as a practical traveller, needs to consider and among those things is first and foremost, your reason for visiting a specific country. You see, whatever reason you may have for going to any given destination, it will dictate the money that you are going to spend for the entire duration of your stay. For example, you’re planning to travel to the Kingdom of Thailand, specifically to its capital city, Bangkok primarily because you’ve heard so much about AyushxPak, a wellness centre which specializes in providing detoxification and other wellness procedures that are working around the principles of the Ayurveda system of medicine. You will need to prepare more than just the money but also the enough willpower to go all the way because undergoing wellness treatments will require a lot of changes from your endpoint to be able to improve your overall physical and mental health.


Speaking of the medical and wellness tourism in Bangkok, tourism officials and service providers have already announced that the industry is estimated to generate 49 billion Thai Bhat this year, mainly from international tourists who are seeking medical attention from hospitals and wellness centres including AyushxPak. This amount is an increase from 3% last year to 4% this 2017. In addition to this, the medical tourism in Thailand as a whole, is expected to receive 2.4 million international tourists who will arrive in the kingdom to seek various medical and wellness services that cannot avail in their home countries. Majority of the international tourists that tourism officials are expecting to visit are citizens from Thailand’s fellow Asian nations such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and even Japan.