Why Advertising Review Feedback From A Customer Helps Your Company

In today’s digital world, it’s very easy for people to express how they feel about a product. Be it through a Facebook post or a blog, a customer will not hesitate to share their experience especially when they feel strongly about it, be it in a positive or negative way.

As a business owner, you want to be able to gather as much feedback as possible in order to better improve your products and services. Additionally, you want to be able to share the positive impact you have made on satisfied customers to further build your brand credibility.

It’s very easy to scroll past advertisements on websites especially when one does not feel like the ad is important to them, and even more when one feels that this is all just fluff marketing.

The most honest advertising is from the customers themselves.


By creating ads based on a user’s feedback, you are removing the suspicion from potential customers that you are overhyping or overselling your product or service. Honest reviews from real customers establish trust in your brand.

You can highlight the best testimonials or show your aggregate star rating through a paid ad, or even create promoted content on social media using actual quotes from your customers. It shows that your customers value your product, and you value what they have to say. This is shown through King Kong advertising review feedback from their happy customers.

Not only will advertising customer reviews boost your credibility as a brand, it also boosts the credibility of your own loyal customers as well.


LinkedIn Data Shows That Marketers Are In-Demand As COVID Recovery Moves Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the global economy hard, and recovery is slow but ongoing. A silver lining is a fact that the digital and media industries are growing, providing plenty of opportunities for professionals in these industries.

Marketing is bouncing back

COVID-19 was a huge blow to industries and businesses across the world, but marketing has been quickly bouncing back according to LinkedIn. The platform saw about 381,000 marketing job openings posted in 2020, with a 63% increase in marketing jobs in the latter half of the year.

The subsectors of the marketing sector which saw the most growth in the latter half of 2020 are:

  • Arts: 85.9% increase
  • Retail: 72.6% increase
  • Education 63.7% increase
  • Corporate services: 60.6% increase

Digital and media

LinkedIn noted that every other top marketing job posted on their platform was under the digital or media space, with the most desired professionals being digital marketing specialists.

The fastest-growing roles within the latter half of 2020, according to LinkedIn’s data are as follows:

  • Media coordinators
  • Search managers
  • Social media coordinators
  • Search Engine marketing managers
  • Media managers
  • E-mail marketing specials
  • SEO analysts
  • Digital media managers

Remote work is the future

Thanks to the pandemic, remote marketing jobs have experienced a boom, with LinkedIn seeing a 5x increase on their platform. In March 2020, only about 2% of marketing roles on the platform were remote, with the number moving up to one in five (10%). LinkedIn saw a 177% growth in the number of remote job postings in the marketing sector.

LinkedIn’s findings suggest that professionals should get used to writing up a king kong marketing review and handling other work tasks from home, as the platform believes that remote working is here to stay moving forward.


How To Maximize The Benefits Of Customer Reviews

Every successful business today knows that customer reviews are key to their successful marketing initiative. Feedback from customers provides everything that other consumers want to know about the brand. This means that businesses need to design more relevant marketing campaigns that deliver the experience that the customer base can relate to.

According to surveys, 66% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a website with positive reviews. This is particularly true for potential customers who are unfamiliar with the brand. An initial judgment will likely be based on what other customers say about the brand. Since customer reviews provide users with a sense of security, it makes sense for a business to share the review on their website, social media page, and promotional emails.

When a customer feedback becomes one of the lead stories in social media, the business becomes more relevant and trustworthy. Customer reviews have become more effective than traditional advertising in terms of gaining consumer interest. For this reason, it is important for a business to make it relatively easy for customers to leave their reviews by having a share button on social media sites and product review pages where customers do not have to make extra efforts. This alone will be an incentive to customers to write about their personal experiences with the brand.

It is very likely that you have come across king kong marketing reviews while searching for digital marketing agencies. These online reviews are personal recommendations that can help you make a confident decision. Customers are sharing their personal experiences with the brand because they want their opinions to work for you.


A Look At Google’s June 2021 Core Update Rollout

On June 2, 2021, Google started rolling out its June 2021 core update, which, of course, meant that the SEO community and marketers were keeping an eye on it.

Early data regarding the update noted how it only really started being noticeable a few days following the start of the roll out, though this is in line with Google’s past statement saying that updates can take 2 weeks to complete rolling out. Data shows that this particular update is a bit more spread out compared to Google’s December 2020 core update which was quite big, relatively speaking.

What’s known

The June 2021 core update started rolling out around 6:30pm/18:30 ET on June 2, 2021. As a core update, it was a global change that’s not limited to specific regions, languages, or category of sites, meaning that it was something that had to be noted for in any company’s newest SEO strategy regardless of field.

Google releases core updates every couple of months, with the last one having released December 3, 2020.

Google says

Those updating their SEO strategy for this update might want to pause for a bit, as Google stated that they’ll be releasing a July 2021 core update.

Of course, this is unusual for the search engine, with many wondering why this is the case. According to Google, a few of the improvements that they were going to add in the June 2021 wasn’t readied yet, so they were moved to a July 2021 core update, with the June 2021 core update to contain the parts that are ready for rollout.

Reversals, maybe

Due to the fact that two core updates from Google are coming out in such close proximity to each other, gains or losses from the June 2021 update may end up being reversed when the July 2021 core update rolls out.

Google stated that the two-part of nature of this particular release, content might see some changes in June that end up getting negated or reversed when July rolls around. As a result, experts on the SEO community are warning brands and site owners to be on their toes.


What Does Field Sobriety Test Mean?

Before you are arrested for drunk driving, officers need evidence of potential chemical intoxication. When your driving behaviour is erratic, the officers will suspect that you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The officers will try to confirm whether there is probable cause for a field sobriety test and a potential arrest.

By understanding the various tests that the police will likely perform, you will know how they determine impairment and how you can push back against the police officer’s claims. Some of the tests involve memory, balance and speech. The police may ask you to walk in a straight line and then take 180-degree turn around or balance on one foot.

It is also very likely for the police to interact with you verbally to look for signs of impaired cognitive function like difficulty in remembering information or reaching logical conclusions. Unfortunately, if you have a medical condition, you may fail the field sobriety tests and end up arrested. The only way to pass the field sobriety test while drunk is to practice standing on one foot, walking then turning around and reciting the alphabet backwards.

However, one of the standard tests that you cannot practice for is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Police officers usually check the eyes for involuntary movements because motion in your eyes while under the influence of alcohol is an involuntary response. Officers will observe the movement of your eyes when someone turns their gaze to the side. Jerky motions often occur when you are under the influence of alcohol.

One of the reasons that you can use to defend yourself why you struggled with the field sobriety test is a medical condition. Lawyers know about this and they can use it to defend you against pending charges related to the recent traffic stop where you failed the field sobriety test.

It is important to call MyDefence for a lawyer who is well experienced in DUI charges and knows the laws of the state where you were arrested. It is very likely that he has handled DUI cases and has successfully obtained the best possible outcome for his client.