Aero Tyre For The Roads And A Propeller To Fly In The Sky

If you are planning to by new wheels and tyres in Brisbane, you will be overwhelmed with the number of choices available in the market. While it is true that salespersons at wheel and tyres store can assist you with your choices, there is nothing wrong in gathering information on your own. You will be able to discuss things like plus and minus sizing of tyres with confidence.

Goodyear is an American manufacturer of tyres for different vehicles and machineries. At the Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear revealed a two-in-one concept Aero Tyre that can be used to drive on the roads and as a propeller for flying in the sky.

Aero tyre has a non-pneumatic design that does not contain pressurized air. It includes a tilting mechanism to allow the wheel to transition from a normal tyre that can be used on the ground to a horizontal position where it can function as a propeller that will lift the vehicle in the air.

A part of the tyre’s design is the flexible spokes that can support the weight of the car and absorb the impact of bumps on the roads. The spokes can also rotate quickly like fan blades to provide a lift when the tire is tilted. According to the tyre designers at Goodyear, the wheel will use magnetic force to lift the car into the air smoothly and without friction.

The tyre which is uniquely airless boasts of a pneumatic structure that is flexible enough to dampen shocks when driving on the roads; however, the tyres are also strong enough to rotate at high speed when necessary so that the rotors can create a vertical lift.

Mobility companies expect the sky to respond to the challenges of urban transport and congestion. Advanced materials and tyre structures allows everyone to imagine a wheel that can perform on the roads and as a propulsion system to the sky.

Experts suggest changing the wheels and tyres at the same time to prevent trouble along the road. There are wheels and tyres in Brisbane which are suitable to the kind of driving you do. There are high quality tyres and mag wheels for cars, vans, 4×4’s and light trucks.