Advice From Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan On Being Successful In Business

You can possibly be successful in business, if you just believe in the things that you do, have the capital to funda business, and have customers and supporters of your products or services. Just like what Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan did with his life, he started out small, and never realized that he would make it to the top one day. Here are what he did to make improve his life and reach the top:

  • Believe in oneself: If you believe in yourself, you can possibly be successful one day. Self-belief starts when you have confidence in the capabilities you do. Confidence can be built through attitude, skill, experience and knowledge. If you replace pessimism with successful thinking, you can eventually experience success in your business.


  • Accept failures: No one is exempted from experiencing failures in life. If you take failure as a valuable lesson, you improve from your mistakes, treat such incident a stepping stone towards success. You need to find ways to be optimistic and believe you can achieve something. The worst thing you can do is to see yourself weak, stupid and giving up.


  • Manage your time: Just like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, who is an entrepreneur, restaurateur and philanthropist, he was able to manage his time to achieve everything he has today. He even left his home country Venezuela just to live with his family in London. But even then, he managed to expand his business in Europe and South America. He has prioritized his experience and created a good work life balance. He knows how to use his time, so he can handle all his businesses.


  • Learn to relax: As life can become so busy and hectic these days, few people find it difficult to relax and unwind. Learn to slow down and set aside the challenges of life. You can take a break from work, have few deep breaths, and make a difference to your wellbeing. If you neglect to relax, then you forget to think properly.

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan is a successful, happy person with less stress in his life. He is also a famous philanthropist by giving out unselfishly to people with heart problems and providing education to young children. He is a positive thinker; therefore, you see him benefitting from his business and everyday life.