A New Startup Company Uses Theatre And Arts To Train Employees

A new Indian company, based in Chennai, has garnered some attention from the conference and event management industry, as well as a lot of the corporate world in India and certain parts of Asia, thanks to their bold approach in behavioural and corporate training.

The startup company, Training Sideways, was co-founded by TM Karthik, Karthik Kumar and Sunil Vishnu, who have shared experience in acting, theatre, conference and event management, as well as corporate operations. According to Vishnu, the trio conducted acting workshops in the past in Begaluru, with the people they worked with during the workshops, part-time actors and professionals, gave feedback on using the techniques of art and theatre in corporate training. The trio, with this feedback, formed Training Sideways with the idea of using these to promote employee bonding, leaderships skills and other key skills in the work space.

The startup company, also known as Evam Corporate Training Pvt. Ltd., offers corporate and behavioural training using experiential methods from varying fields in the art industry. Sunil says that, as a behavioural training firm, they work on training across levels, handling a range of corporate functions, from team building, up to and including innovation workshops, as well as collaboration and visioning.

Sunil says that Training Sideways also works with conference and event management companies, as well as large companies in order to help instil some energy into events, with performances and flash mobs. He says that this matches the theme of corporate learning, and learning by experience.

Sunil and Karthik started up Evam as an entertainment company, and only created the Training Sideways program in 2012, 9 years after its founding. A while later, actor TM Karthik joined the duo, bringing in 2 decades of corporate experience.

Training Sideways started in Chennai, before expanding across Indi to Bengaluru and Mumbai, after a while, the company went international, with a minor foothold in Singapore. The organisation claims it has a growth rate in behavioural  training of 20-30%. They say that it has about 130 clients, which includes such corporate titans as Accenture, Google and Vodafone.

A media report says that the corporate training market across the world will be growing at a CAGR of 10.55% around 2016-2020. Training Sideways is one of many startups using theatre and arts in order to bring better training to corporate environments.