How A Zombie Home In Portland Was Remodelled For $150,000

A single-story house that was built in 1927 is referred to as the “zombie house.” The abandoned bungalow in Portland was infested with rats and filled with trash. According to records obtained from Oregon Live, the filthy property was purchased for $336,670 last June 2016.

The eyesore on the street was transformed into a beautiful home. Jason Rucker of 2nd Story Investment took the challenge of cleaning up the 2,278 square feet of living space. Rucker invested $150,000 on improvements particularly on the plumbing and electrical systems. A third bedroom was added with a new bathroom installed on the basement.

Before the improvements, it was literally impossible to move around the house because it was filled with trash. The yard was overgrown with weeds and blackberry bushes. The sink was unusable and trash spilled out from dingy rooms. The bathtub was filthy and filled with a grey substance. Five to six dumpsters were used by the cleaning team to remove all the junks and debris from the property. A monstrous amount of garbage that could fill up 84 pickup trucks was removed to allow a remodelling project.

After the completion of cleaning and remodelling that took 248 days to finish, the results were astounding. The house now adds value to the street with its polished yards. Real estate photographs of the interiors show the high ceilings, hardwood floors and bright white walls that make the house look airy and full of sunlight.

Diane Rucker and Ellen Bene were responsible for interior design. The bungalow is now listed for sale for $599,000. Neighbours are very appreciative of the changes made to the “zombie house” because it brought back some life back into their street. Trash and rodents are gone. With some carefully placed plants, the bungalow has achieved a polished look.

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