Which Direction Should Solar Panels Face In Australia

It is generally accepted that the best direction of solar on the Gold Coast must face north to gain the best maximum possible output. The north is not actually a bad direction but it is possible to achieve a small boost if the solar panels face slightly away from due north. A better option is to install the solar panels a little to the east to improve output. However, in some locations, to the west will be the best direction.

The misapprehension that solar panels must face north is common and does not make a very big difference. In every location in Germany, the solar panels always face south. When solar panels were introduced to Australia, people were led to believe that due north is the best direction.

However, there are two reasons why a direction other than the north must be considered. In the morning, the lower average temperature causes the solar panels to operate more efficiently than in the afternoon. Solar panels that face slightly to the east will have an advantage. At certain times of the day, average cloud cover can be consistent but it mostly happens in the afternoon. Solar panels that face west have a slight disadvantage; however, in some places it can be the opposite.

There are also reasons why solar panels must not face the direction of maximum possible output. A household usually increases their consumption of solar electricity by positioning the panels so that they will produce less energy overall but produce more during periods when electricity use is high.

Another reason is if feed-in tariffs that are based on either wholesale electricity price or the time of day become compulsory or popular, it would make more economic sense to maximize the feed-in tariff received than maximizing the total output. It is also a better option for the environment because greater output will displace more fossil fuel generation.

Meanwhile, most people do not get to decide the direction of solar on the Gold Coast because it is determined by their roofs. Electricians have the knowledge and experience to determine the direction of the solar panels so that they will generate the maximum possible output.