What To Know When Copying VHS To DVD Videos

Since the mid-70s, the VHS VCR has been used in most homes to watch various videos. However, in 2016, the manufacturing of such units had stopped. With the innovation of modern devices such as the DVDs, DVRs, Blue-ray Disc, and even the Internet streaming, having VCRs in homes are no longer practical. But if you have plenty of VHS tapes, you’ll want them converted from VHS to DVD to keep your favourite videos intact. So, find below your options for keeping such videos.

  • Use a DVD Recorder

To record VHS tape content to DVD through a DVD recorder, you need to connect the RCA and video outputs of your VCR to the appropriate inputs of your DVD recorder.

To make a copy from VHS to DVD, use the DVD recorders to choose the right input. Then put the tape you want copied into the VCR and put a recordable DVD into the DVD recorder. Press start on both devices, so you can start recording.

  • Use a Combined VHS VCR/DVD Recorder Units

You can use this next option to copy your VHS to DVD. It works similarly to the first option; however, it’s an easier option as both recorders are used as single units. It will need no extra connection cables for the transfer or conversion. They also come with cross-dubbing features for better results of your recording. Hence, you can make the most out of the conversions.

  • Connecting the VCR to a Computer with Video Capture Device

This is the most popular and practical solution for your VHS to DVD conversion. You have the VCR connected to your computer using a video capture device, where the recordings are saved in the PC’s hard drive. You can also use a special software to enhance the look of your transfer. However, you need to ensure that your PC has adequate RAM and speed to make the conversion run smoothly.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it by yourself, you can have a professional do the VHS to DVD copying. Just like keeping your wedding and other momentous videos, you will want it professionally done for optimum results.