What Are The Popular Types Of Helmets

The most critical motorcycle safety gear is, the helmet. It is mandatory in most of the countries, to wear a helmet, whenever you ride a bike or scooter. Most of the new bike buyers are ill-informed about choosing the right type of helmet that suits the shape and size of their head and also their riding style.

Helmets are available in many designs, which makes choosing the right helmet a daunting task for new riders. First time bike buyers can consult motorbike clothing shops that sell motorcycle riding and safety gear to get an idea about the different types of helmets and their features.

Here is a handy guide to know about the different types of helmets.

Full-face helmets- the safest

Full-face helmets cover the top, front, back and sides of the head and is the safest helmet for bike riders. The helmet has a visor in the eye area. The visor is fitted with a UV resistant and anti-fogging lens to protect the eyes from the harmful sunlight. Full face helmets are available in a wide range of designs and models to suit different riding styles and weather conditions.

Flip-up helmet

These helmets are also known as modular helmets. The chin bar of these helmets can be flipped up to convert it into an open face helmet. Most riders prefer modular helmets as they are convenient and provide good ventilation in hot weather. However, the hinge on the bottom part of the helmet, effects the safety of the helmet.

Open face helmet

These helmets do not have a chin bar. The open face helmet covers only the top, back and sides of the head. These helmets are relatively less safe than the full face and modular helmets. However, the vintage look offered by these helmets make them a craze among the young riders.

Half helmet

The shorty or brain bucket as it is popularly known, is a stylish yet unsafe helmet. This helmet covers only the top portion of the head. These helmets are worn by people riding scooters and are mostly worn for their cool look. These helmets do not have any eye protection and the wearer must use googles for sun protection.

Most of the motorcycle clothing shops have all the four varieties of helmets along with other models like, motocross and hybrid helmets.