Western Australia Bridge A Cause Of Concern For Truckers

One of the most important parts of logistics in Perth is the truckers who are responsible of transporting items from one point to another. The most recent issue brought to light to the government of Western Australia is the presence of unauthorized vehicles that exceed the height requirement but are still using the Hay Street Bridge located in Mitchell Freeway. For the last five years, there were a total of nine vehicles who insisted on using the bridge despite going over the height limit. This is the reason why the state government has decided to raise the height clearance since the fixture is already half a century year old.

The Western Australian government made an announcement that it is welcoming bidding for those companies interested in taking on the improvement project at the notorious site that is an important route for trucks in Perth.

The funding for the project will be given by the state government. It was already allotted a total amount of $6 million which aims to greatly reduce the possibility of strikes from vehicles in the western part of the country.

The government revealed that Hay Street Bridge is affected by the impacts left by commercial vehicles that are passing through as they go south using the Mitchell Freeway in the past few years. Even since it construction, the bridge has suffered around 20 hits and the latest strike in August of last year raised concerns among the public regarding safety as well as the effect it has on the traffic.

The bridge was originally built in 1968 and back then its current height clearance is the standard. Nowadays, the height clearance of the fixture is considered to be lower than the standard. As the bidding just recently opened, construction is expected to begin before 2020 ends.

Aside from this project, the state government is also working on six other projects to make sure that the traffic flow is improved and safety is practiced in both freeways – Mitchell and Kwinana. This will also ensure the safety of truckers under logistics in Perth because their vehicles are often times higher than the vertical clearance of the bridge.