Useful Tips For Those Who Are Planning On Eyelash Extensions

Many women opt for eyelash extensions in Bondi Beach because they want to enhance the length, thickness, curliness and fullness of the natural lashes. It is common for women to have eyelash extensions during the wedding season particularly if they are the bride, bridesmaid or guest. They want to look pretty and gorgeous.

Eyelash extensions are not false eyelashes that can be purchased in the supermarket and glued temporarily to the eyelids. Eyelash extensions are glued to the real lashes; however, this is not permanent. With proper maintenance the extensions can last for 3 to 5 weeks. One you notice that the false eyelashes are falling out; it is time to schedule an appointment for refilling.

Unlike the false eyelashes that have to be removed before makeup is applied, eyelash extensions stay glued. Since eyelash extensions come in silk, mink and synthetic forms, it is important to figure out the best option for you. After you have made a decision, the extensions will be applied individually using a special formulation of semi-permanent glue. The glue is safe is safe to use and won’t cause irritations around the skin of the eyes.

Since each false extension is placed individually, there is an opportunity to customize the extension according to the shape of the eyes to achieve a more natural look. The type of eyelash extensions will depend upon on the thickness and length of the natural eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions with high quality can be quite expensive but considering that the eyes are very precious, you should not be stingy. Before you decide on the extensions, read reviews and testimonials and ask the opinion of friends who tried the eyelash extensions.

Professionals will suggest refilling every 3 to 4 weeks but it actually depends on the natural growth cycle of the natural eyelashes. If you wait to too long to get them refilled, you might need a brand new set of extensions instead of refill.

There is no harm in trying eyelash extensions in Bondi Beach particularly if you want to look beautiful even without mascara. The eyelash extensions can be customized to suit your face, looks and personal style. You can choose from subtle natural look or the more glamorous for special occasions.