Uncertainty Regarding Brexit Causing Problems For Local Brands Just As Milan Design Week Looms

The ongoing uncertainty over Brexit is bringing issues for the UK’s furniture brands, many a home and school furniture supplier included, just as they’re preparing for Milan design week, which started 10 days from the original schedule of Brexit.

Brexit was scheduled for 29 March 2019, before being delayed to October 31, and the uncertainty that surrounded it, and still surrounds it, and many a home and school furniture supplier in Britain are worrying how they’ll get their goods across the English Channel in spite of the issues that Brexit is bringing to the transportation routes.

SCP Director Sheridan Coakley says that it’s a serious issue, as most of the designers work down to the wire and the trend is that the week before the show, it’s a frantic race to get furniture over for the design show.

A fair number of British companies have opted to not show up in Milan for 2019, though few have openly put the blame on Brexit itself. British furniture brand SCP is among those who’ve decided to pass. He says that there were a lot of British companies that didn’t show up 2019’s Milan Design Show, not due to any particular reason, and certainly not due to Brexit.

The Milan Design Week was held from 8-14 April, and is considered as the most important event in the furniture design industry calendar. Dover saw a bottleneck, thanks to the political changes.

Most brands didn’t say that their choice was driven by Brexit, though some have gone on record to say that it has been a factor. While it wasn’t the primary motivator, they say, it is a factor.

Modus Managing Director Jon Powell stated that taking a break from Milan, for the first time in a decade and a half, gave them time to focus on the UK market, as well as plot out how they’ll expand in the future.

They have intended to return to Milan, Powell says, but the uncertainty combined with the feeling that last year’s event wasn’t really worth attending, resulted in Modus opting to sit it out for another year. They’ll return to Milan in the next year, should Brexit finally be handled properly, and the UK market has a much more solid perspective on how they’ll be in EU.