Try The Prison-Themed Luxury Spa In Bangkok

A few travellers in Bangkok are somewhat excited at the feeling of freedom and prefer to stay in a prison-themed hotel instead. They might want to see how a luxury spa in Bangkok can work in these prison hotels.

An example of a prison-inspired hotel in Bangkok is Sook Station, where visitors are provided with some mugshots, a curfew, and striped pajamas.

Upon checking in, the visitors staying at this hotel go through all the measures of prison booking procedures. They are taken a headshot, provided with uniforms, and are assigned with a number throughout their whole stay in the hotel. They can use their inmate number rather than a room key to get in and out of their cell rooms. The rooms are embellished with iron bars and striped curtains. They may also want to venture the luxury spa in Bangkok for relaxation.

As the hotel may mean like living in prison, but it is really not that strict. Guests can freely come and go, but are somehow enforced with curfew when getting inside the hotel. There are a few visitors who share the same bathroom, which are uncannily lighted for an utmost effect. They may also wish to try the luxury spa in Bangkok, which can soothe and relax their body.

The hotel is not all high security and iron gates. You can also venture into their in-house coffee shop, which serves a delectable breakfast in the morning. There is also space to maximize for visitors who want to finish business while traveling. There are also offered rooms with a balcony or patio attached. Room rates can start around $54 every night, depending upon which room you decide to stay.

But if you are looking for more beautiful places to experience a prison-themed vacation, you can travel down Amsterdam and check-in at the prison house now turned into a hotel, Het Arresthuis (which simply means house arrest in Dutch); or you can go to a 90-year-old prison turned hotel named Four Seasons in Instanbul. In Boston, an upscale Liberty Hotel stands in place of the former Charles Street Jail. Try their delectable cocktails at the Alibi Bar, with its floor to ceiling windows. These are also options aside from a prison-themed luxury spa in Bangkok for relaxation.