Truckers Have Limited Options For Getting Inoculated On The Road

Considering how important supplies and logistics are for the global economy, especially now with people stuck in their homes and healthcare needing more equipment and supplies than ever, it’s no surprise that logistics firms like Titan Transline have been working overtime.

Truck drivers are, unsurprisingly, considered essential workers, but unlike the others, they’re having trouble finding the time to get inoculated from COVID due to the nature of their work, which demands long hours of travel on the road, potentially across state lines and national borders.

The US doesn’t have solid data on how many of its commercial drivers have been inoculated from COVID-19, but industry leaders are calling for state and federal governments to make rest stops and travel centers vaccination sites.

Part of the problem that truckers are dealing with is how the personnel handling vaccinations aren’t exactly trained to handle situations when a person that travels a lot, as part of their profession, for example, comes in to get vaccinated.

One such case was Anthony Tuttle, aged 44, who went into a Johnson City vaccination site to get inoculated, only to be forced to wait outside and have National Guard called on him by the staff, in spite of the fact that commercial truck drivers were exempt from quarantine rules, owing to their status as essential workers.

Even with quarantine requirements lifted across the US and eligibility expanded to all Americans aged 16 and up, truckers have had a hard time getting inoculated due to several factors, leaving a lot of them with few chances of booking appointments.

The American Trucking Association, National Association of Truck Stop Owners, and others in the industry banded together and wrote a letter to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, calling for the designation of truck stops as mobile vaccination sites for drivers and employees across the US, a move which will greatly help logistic firms like Titan Transline across the country.

According to the group, truckers should be able to get vaccinated in states other than their home states due to the fact that they spend so much time on the road and away from home, as well as being allowed to take their second shot at a different vaccination location, due to the same reason.