Top Attractions Worth Visiting In Bangkok

For people who have visited Bangkok, staying at their accommodation such as hotel in Ploenchit is never an option because there are many things worth doing that you won’t be able to finish in a week. An overwhelming number of options are not a good thing though thus a list of the top attractions worth visiting is published. This is recommended for tourists who only have a few days to see the beauty of Bangkok and everything it has to offer.

The first things you have to see in Bangkok are the temples. There are many temples worth visiting in the city because 95 per cent of their population is Buddhist. For locals, the temples are known as wats. This is the best way to witness how the local Thais do their worship. It is best to choose neighborhood wats that are far from tourist spots. If you want to see the top three biggest wats in Thailand, visit Gran Palace, Wat Arun as well as Wat Pro. These are the temples mostly visited by first-time tourists in the capital.

Do not miss one of the largest weekend markets in Asia, the Jatujak also known as Chatuchak. The total land area is 35 acres and comprised of thousands of sellers. Every weekend, around 200,000 shoppers flock to the market. This is where you will find local artworks, household goods, Thai handicrafts and clothing. You just have to bear with the hot weather and the crowd if you are visiting during peak hours.

You might have heard of Jim Thompson while researching your trip to Bangkok. You can visit his house and learn about its history. He is one of the major reasons why the silk industry of Thailand is what it is today. The biggest mystery is his disappearance in 1967 when he went on a Malaysian jungle.

Before you take some needed rest and relaxation at your hotel in Ploenchit, do not forget to pay Ancient City a visit. This is 45 minutes away from the city and recommended if you love historical sites. It is quite huge so you may have to rent a golf cart or ride a bike around to see everything.