Tong Yui-Shing’s Mission’s To Save Sailing

Tong Yui-shing, a bronze medalist of 2014 Incheon Asian Games, faces the biggest challenge of his 40-year sporting career. Tong is now the president of Hong Kong Sailing Federation and he is tasked to save the sport from troubled waters. This is a bigger challenge for Tong, more than what he experienced in the 2014 ASIAD because he will be responsible for the entire sport.

The responsibility of being president can be rather daunting but Tong hopes for a medal in the next Asian games that will be held in Indonesia. In order to focus more on his role as president, Tong has terminated his scholarship contract with the Sports Institute. His sports career may conflict with his present role of association head.

The Sports Institute support has a four-year cycle with review every 2 years. All of the tier A sports must be able to reach a 9-point benchmark based on international results meaning they must qualify for the Olympic Games or gain a medal at the Asian Games or World championship. Failure to achieve the target will result into a 2-year grace period starting 2017.

Sailing, tennis, gymnastics, karate and rugby failed to qualify for the Rio Olympics that was held in 2016 and neither did any of the athletes win a medal in a World Championship. All of the aforementioned sports were given a 2-year grace period.

Since Tong’s Hobie 16 will no longer compete in the Asian Games, his hopes are on 470’s Tse Sui-lon and Chik Ho-yin, the 2014 silver medalists in the Asian Championships. Tong also expects that junior George Duncan will achieve better results in Indonesia after his nationality issues have been solved. Tong hopes to succeed with his mission to rescue status of the Hong Kong Sports Institute to save sailing.

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