Tips To Protect And Care For Sensitive Skin

Every one aspires for healthy and glowing skin. Skin enriches the beauty of our face. Due to pollution and dust skin becomes dull and lifeless. It is necessary to protect the skin in order to keep it healthy and glowing.

Variety of ครีมสำหรับผิวแพ้ง่าย are available in the retail stores, online stores, beauty stores etc. however, experimenting different skin care products can cause harsh reaction on our skin like rashes, pigmentation and pimples. We should be careful while trying these products. Here are few tips for choosing creams that enrich the natural beauty of the skin.

The first step in skin care is to understand the unique needs of your skin.  For example, if wrinkles are visible on your face, then you should understand is it because of age or due to stress in life. After understanding the problems areas, identify your skin type. Skin can be classified as Oily type, dry skin, combination skin, or sensitive skin. Basing on skin type and the skin concern, choose skin care products that are specifically created to suit your skin type. Women with sensitive skin should select less chemical based ครีมสำหรับผิวแพ้ง่าย that do not contain harsh ingredients. Women with oily skin can select creams that have less moisturiser and if you have dry skin use products that are oil based.

After choosing the products, check for ingredients.  Are there any chemicals that act harsh on your skin?  Sunscreen creams uses organic chemical combinations that are needed for absorbing UV rays.  Few sunscreens are available with moisturisers in order to prevent dryness of the skin. If you are using sunscreens or foundation creams for sensitive skin then you must be very careful. Select creams that have less chemical combination. Use colourless, scent free creams and lotions that have less chemical ingredients.


Test the cream by applying it on back of the palm. Observe the area. Any kind of rashes or itching near the area implies you are allergic to that product. If you are first time users, it is always suggested to buy the least quantity so that you can test the product. Many reputed brands sell tester packs of their products. It is always advised not to frequently change the brand of ครีมสำหรับผิวแพ้ง่าย as it may lead to negative effect.