Timber As A Sustainable Building And Flooring Material

Because people have become more conscious of the environment, home builders and renovators started to look for more sustainable options. One material that has become quite popular is natural timber that is sourced from carefully managed Australian forests. There is timber floor installer in Sydney that will ensure that the material will add value to the property.

It is not only for the sake of the environment that homeowners choose timber flooring; it allows them to provide the home with a something extra special. Timber can be used on exposed beams, flooring, trims and furniture.

It has become rather easy to access sustainable wood in New Zealand. Companies that deal with building materials specialize in reusing wood from demolished buildings in the Christchurch Earthquake. When a homeowner wants to know where the timber used in the home came from and how it works to offset carbon emissions, there are places like Zero Energy House, Industrial Design NZ and Whole House Reuse as sources of information.

One of the problems that homeowners often face when they have timber flooring is how to match and patch it up during additions and renovations. The solution is up-cycled timber that comes from wood by-products, waste materials or unwanted materials that still have quality and environmental value.

If you will take a look at character homes, they display warmth and personality without the new design trends from catalogues. These homes are filled with family heirlooms, vintage finds, warm wooden features and personal items that have meanings. According to Sarah Heeringa, queen of up-cycling, there is something authentic when you choose to furnish the home through your ideas.

One of the sustainable ways to design the home is the use of wooden interiors, timber floors and roofs. It gives off a heritage or alpine lodge feel that is popular for homes.

The quality and durability of the timber floor can be guaranteed by the timber floor installer in Sydney who is Bona hand-picked and top level professional. Installers are certified by Bona to use the Bona system on hardwood floors. In order to be updated with the flooring industry’s best practices, the installers voluntarily undergo Bona training.