Three Major Types Of 3PL Companies

Supply chain management is an important function that determines the profitability of businesses. While large scale organizations can have their own supply chain management teams, small and medium scale enterprises face serious problems due to lack of budget. Businesses can outsource their supply chain management to third party logistics providers also known as 3PL companies.

The thirds party logistics companies like specialist logistics – Tecdis, provide a variety of services across the depth of the supply chain. Some of the services provided by 3PL companies are, inbound freight management, supply management, warehousing facilities, distribution of products, transportation, order fulfilment, reverse logistics and other white glove services. Since the 3PL companies take care of all the logistics management, business organizations can focus on other important functions like strategic management and marketing.

Hiring 3PL providers like specialist logistics – Tecdis, helps business organizations to reduce their logistics costs and deliver the products on time to the customers. But choosing the right logistics partner is of utmost important. There are many players in the market and the selection of a 3PL partner should depend on the product lines, objectives, area of operation of the business, expansion plans etc. The organization should determine its requirements and search for a 3PL partner willing to provide customized solutions to match the requirements.

There are three types of 3PL companies in the market

Asset based companies – Asset based companies operate using their own assets like transportation vehicles and warehousing facilities.

Management based companies – Management based companies do not own any assets but provide the logistics management services using the assets of other partners. They provide all the technical and managerial functions related to logistics.

Integrated companies – These companies are a mix of asset based and management based companies. They own certain assets and use the assets of their partners whenever needed by the client. These companies provide integrated logistics management solutions to the clients. For example, specialist logistics – Tecdis is an integrated 3PL company that provides end-to-end logistics solutions and supply chain management solutions to its clients. The company along with its network partners provides world-class logistics solutions that include project management, high tech transportations, high tech installations, reverse logistics and other white glove services.