The Natural Way To Pest Control In Newcastle

It’s alright to have few spiders living with me in my home. It has been years since the last time I sprayed insect repellent. Now I need to organize a pest control in Newcastle as the bugs in my home are growing in numbers.  It’s about time to add some natural treatments.

My main drive is to avoid chemicals, but I recently knew that by preventing pesticides, I may be helping out to reduce bugs in my home.

Elizabeth Lowe, a biologist from the University of Sydney was recently interviewed by Journalist Amanda Hoh. Lowe is currently studying the impact of urbanization on the biodiversity and plentifulness of spiders and has discovered that killing them can result in the increase of other pests.

Lowe says, “that if we kill the spiders, which are natural moss-troopers, it will enhance the number of mosquitoes and cockroaches living within or near the home.”

Spiders feed on numerous household pests such as termites, flies, cockroaches, silverfish, moths and mosquitoes. Instead of killing these insects with pesticides, scientists recommend the best treatment is to let them be. You may want to refer this to a pest control in Newcastle if this is the best treatment for pests.

Healthy Home Healthy Family author Nicole Bijlsm furnishes few great advices for controlling alarming pests in your home without resorting to harmful pesticides.

  • Do awaywith their food. Food odors can easily attract pests. Clean up after eating each meal, keep pet food in sealed containers, and keep compost bins and garbage away from the house.


  • Do away with their shelter. Keep the outdoors and indoors clutter free.


  • Design a physical barrier to avert pests from coming inside. Seal all gaps and ensure all doors and windows have fly screens.

You may not prefer pest control in Newcastle, but there are a variety of natural pest control options. For instance, you can deter ants by sprinkling pepper, turmeric powder or cinnamon along their trail. It’s also proven that ants disappear when the food they were interested in is cleaned up or always kept clean.

Sticky traps can control the increasing numbers of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets and the plastic fly swat can perfectly control flies.