The Generosity Of Princeton University’s Surplus Equipment Program

The initiative of Dunn math teacher Curtis Aubry and the generosity of Princeton University resulted to a large volume of quality furniture for Grade A. Dunn Middle School. Teacher Curtis was looking for solutions, partnerships and resources instead of complaining. She reached out to the Office of Community and Regional Affairs of Princeton University in the hope of receiving some donated items from the university’s surplus equipment program.

Teacher Curtis Aubry was able to accomplish a solution with the help of his colleagues from Dunn’s administrative staff to the head custodian who coordinated the effort which led to Dunn receiving two large shipments that contained desks for teachers, filing cabinets, office chairs, coffee tables, sofas and bookshelves from the Princeton University.

The furniture that was donated to Dunn Middle School were not new and have been previously used by the university but it will benefit the faculty members because they can have more durable and reliable furniture for work. The district will be able to save money and they can use extra money for the students.

When the furniture was upgraded, it was able to life the morale of the teachers. Meanwhile, Princeton University was pleased that their furniture will be given a second life. Re-using furniture is good for the environment because it saves the resources used in producing new furniture.

Early in the year, Kristin Appelget, the director of Princeton University’s community and regional affairs sent an email that a large volume of furniture will become available in the surplus warehouse because of a campus renovation project. When Teacher Aubry heard about the opportunity to participate in the surplus equipment program, he contacted the university about their interest to obtain furniture.

Furniture for schools can be very expensive particularly when made with good quality. The teachers were actually very happy and excited to be able to choose furniture they wanted at their disposal.

Meanwhile, if you need school classroom furniture, it is important to consider the various tasks that will be carried out so that furniture design can improve practical utilization. It is also important to take into account the aesthetics of space so that an effective environment is created to be more conducive to the learning process.