The Easiest Ways To Ask For A Review

A few sentences in a customer review is more powerful than an advertisement that costs thousands of dollars. However, in order to get those powerful sentences, a business must know when and how to ask for reviews. Asking for reviews can be awkward but the truth is people generally love to share their opinions, if you ask nicely.

According to a 2019 Bright Local study, at least 76% of those who were asked to leave a review do so. There are a few strategies that will ensure a steady stream of reviews to help in gaining the trust of consumers and a higher ranking in local search results.

The easiest scenario is by showing appreciation for an unsolicited praise. This is the perfect opportunity to request for customer feedback and suggestions that can improve the service. Opportunities are created during conversations in the store or upon checkout.

However, be subtle when asking for a review. Don’t ask for feedback immediately after the favourable remark; otherwise, the customer might think that you are only interested on their opinion and not their experience. Learn to read a customer. If the response is short, it means that the customer is not interested to share his opinion.

Positive King Kong marketing reviews are considered by a digital marketing agency as valuable assets that have a psychological impact on its potential clients. People tend to trust a business after reading dozens of online reviews that speak of its high-quality and reliable service. When they read about the customer’s experience, they are encouraged to try it as well.