The Dentist That Goes Out Of Her Way

Alias Kauffman who is residing in New York was already practicing as a young dentist in the 1980s and it is around that that the father of her best friend suffered a stroke. He is known to be careful when it comes to his teeth and always goes back to the dentist every three months for regular cleaning but after the incident, it is quite impossible for him to go out of the house.

This is when Kauffman decided to bring her own equipment including mirror, flashlight, scalers and other instruments in order for her to perform her dentist duty at the patient’s house. The first time she did the cleaning, she came to a realization that there must be other people who are suffering from the same and needed someone to help them.

It has been three decades since she decided to go out of her way as a dentist and up to his day she is still busy performing implants/root canal, cleaning, filling cavities, extracting teeth and making dentures for her patients who are no longer capable of going to the dentist clinic. Majority of her patients are living in Manhattan and are quite old with the average age of 89 years old. The oldest patient she has is a 107 years old senior.

According to statistics, the population of American that is turning 65 and older is predicted to be almost twice in the next three decades. Kauffman said in a lecture at the University of Pennsylvania regarding geriatric dentistry that only a handful of dentists thought of servicing the very old. Out of this number, very few are willing to commit themselves to performing house calls.

American Dental Association’s spokesperson, Judith Jones who also happens to be a dentistry professor at the University of Detroit Mercy said that only one or two dentists are doing house halls in each of the state.

Jones said that dentistry is not covered by Medicare and we all know that dentist operations such as implants/root canal are quite expensive.One-third of the population of individuals 65 years and older cannot afford to pay for their dental health. This is the reason why they are encouraging more dentists to perform house calls in order to help those who are in need.