The Costco Marriage That Headlined In Australia

Last month, a couple from Australia decided that they wanted to exchange their vows inside the Costco store in their area. The ceremony took place near the exchange counter while the reception was held in the food court. It was a field day not just for those is the business of wedding photography in Sydney but for television crews as well as this is not a common occurrence.

Sue Berkeley, the bride, admitted that she is a big fan of the wholesale store along with Eli Bob, her groom. Their wedding made it into national news because of their choice of venue. Their decision was able to help them save money while at the same time invite a lot of guests into the wedding ceremony.

Berkeley works as a teacher’s aide and she said that it the wedding is the most romantic event to be held in the tire centre. They clearly adore Costco because they go there almost every time they need to pick up something.

It has been an ongoing joke between the couple due to the amount of time that the bride has been spending at Crossroads Costco which is located outside of Sydney. A friend of the couple asked the management about the possibility of holding a nuptial and they coordinated with the corporate office in Australia.

The company did more than just agreeing to the ceremony, they also offered the food court as the reception venue for the 90 guests of the couple. They also provided the couple with a multiple layered cake that comes with the icing sporting the company logo. Vanilla layer was the cake for the groom with strawberry icing while the bride gets a chocolate cake with chocolate filling inside.

Current shoppers of the day were kind enough to avoid the rose petals that have been decorated on the floor. This is the second wedding ceremony for both of them and they decided to forgo the fancy event. Instead of the usual wedding photography in Sydney, they were filmed by news crew on their wedding day.