Technological Innovations That Changed The Courier Services Sector

It would be unbelievable to claim that couriers were not transformed by the developing innovations and technologies. These technologies are swallowed by courier companies and impacted courier international rates as they are introduced in the market because they know how strong the competition is considering the growth of e-commerce. These companies are trying to operate in better ways to improve customer experience. Here are the latest trends that shook the courier industry.

Drones. There will come a time in the near future when humans will no longer be necessary in order to deliver goods to customers. As of now, there have been test operations conducted by logistics companies that utilized drones to move items from one place to another. This is usually done with perishable goods that require to be delivered within a few hours. This is extremely useful in situations where a regular vehicle could not make the delivery or if the area is not passable by human. According to tech giants including Amazon, drones are the future of courier services in fulfilling ecommerce demands.

Crowdsourcing. This is another technology that is gaining a lot of momentum. This has not only proved to be effective in first world nations but in almost all countries in the world. This same technology made it possible for courier to offer same-day deliveries.

QR codes/RFID Tags. These technologies are proven to be efficient when managing high volume of deliveries. The RFID or radio frequency identification tool makes things easier for the courier companies. The RFID tags coupled with QR codes make it possible to do real-time tracking while the shipments are on transit. RFID tags make it possible to manually process an item which is something that can’t be done with the current barcode system.

POS devices. Gone are the days when customers have to go to a physical store to send a package. POS devices or point of sales devices make it possible for courier staffs to picking up parcel wherever most convenient for customers. This helps when a customer needs the services of an international courier but do not have the time to spare. It is inevitable though for courier international rates to increase since these technologies also cost a lot of investments.