Support Of The Public Necessary For Universal Healthcare To Push Through

Though the nation has been known worldwide for its improvement in the healthcare system and the medical insurance in Thailand that is offered to 98 per cent of the citizens, the road is still rocky. Over a thousand healthcare activists came together in a protest to the government’s decision to change the national health security law of the country. They are calling that the amendment should be stopped. According to them, the amendment of the health security law in the country will only be favourable to those healthcare providers but it will not benefit the general public.

The bill is currently under review by the Office of the Council of State and it is expected that there will be around 14 areas where changes will be employed. Areas of revision will cover the health services of the public sector, how the NHSO or National Health Security Office is being managed, the National Health Security Committee itself, the National Health Security Fund as well as the committee responsible for the quality of health and how to improve the service to the public sector.

The NHSO is currently serving as the advocate of the public when it comes to distributing the healthcare system as covered by the UIC scheme or Universal Healthcare Coverage in Thailand. According to the government, the revision is being done in order to improve the benefits of the citizens as well as confront the issues that have been bugging the NHSO since it has been appointed as the universal healthcare coverage. By doing so, the system will be more sustainable.

It was in 2002 when the UIC scheme was introduced wherein people in the government as well as private sector are covered. This is to make sure that every citizen has the access to quality health care and able to receive subsidies from the government when it comes to health. It is important for citizens to have a medical insurance in Thailand because many are plummeting to poverty because they are shouldering their own medical bills. This is the reason why the government is calling for public support in order to improve the current universal healthcare system.