Startup Pushing For Electric Bike That Shift Shape With Collision Warning

Damon is a startup firm based in Canada that is planning to disrupt the motorcycle market with the latest technology. Innovation has clearly impacted everything in the industry from the gears sold in motorcycle clothing store to the actual motorcycles itself. According to the startup company, its motorcycle will follow a geometry that makes it possible to use different riding position and it also comes equipped with a collision warning system by tracking the condition of the road traffic. This is specifically created with the safety of the riders as the top priority.

Damon is an upcoming company specializing in motorcycle technology with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. As of the moment, it is involved in several projects but the end goal is to combine everything in order to develop a new electric motorcycle. The startup has already collected around $1.9 million from the seed funding they launched. The company said in a statement that they will “Damonize” motorcycle manufacturers so they can be the supplier of next generation motorcycle safety technologies to leading brands.

The safety system they have developed is called the Advance Warning System for Motorcycles. It comes with a number of sensors, radar, net computing and camera. With this tech, it can monitor around 64 objects that are in proximity with the motorcycle while on the road. this monitoring system has the capacity to analyse trajectories as well as behaviours to determine accidents and send a warning beforehand.

The cockpit of the bike is installed with LED strips that will light up as a warning along with vibration units embedded on the grip. The dash will also feature a rear view camera to give the rider a wide-angle view of what is behind the motorcycle.

As much as possible, safety is prioritized with motorcycle clothing store stocking up with safety gear which is why Damon understands the need of the consumers when it comes to the type of motorcycle they want to own. A prototype of the AWSM system was already made by Damon that is used for demo rides.