St. Pat’s Students Participated In Team Building For Charity

Students that are enrolled in St. Patrick High School participated in a team building exercise which enabled them to give unfortunate children a brighter future. This is a good activity for the students and quite similar to XL Events team building charity days when the activities center in giving back to the community.

The students who joined the project are those under Grade 11 and 12 belonging with high skills in their major class. These students devoted a lot of their time during the first semester of the current school year in order to build four playhouses. These will then be auctioned while the proceeds will go directly to Thunder Bay Children’s Centre Foundation.

Jeremy Pasciullo, one of the student builders, said that the project give him a chance to have experience in something he might be able to do in the future while at the same time he is able to help his community. The sixteen-year-old said that he is glad to be able to do something in a smaller scale so that he can move on to bigger things later on when he is much older.

He shared that he was able to learn a lot of things since he does not have an idea beforehand. Now he knows how to frame, do exterior finishing and attach the shingles as well as the roof. Pasciullo also said that the fact that they are able to help a charity made everything exciting for him.

The teen-ager was proud because he was not able to donate that much to charity before and the fact that the money will come from something he has built with his own hands made it a little more valuable and significant.

Ramon Verardo was the teacher in charge of the students for the particular project. He shared that he gave the students total control on the creative aspect of the playhouses. These will be auctioned next year on May during the home and trade show.

The teacher adviser also added that what the students did is the same activities by XL Events team building charity days because it fostered their teamwork. The playhouses came to be because they worked as a team.