Solar And Wind Energy As Better Sources Of Renewable Heat Generation

It is worth noting that you will enjoy a big difference in your energy bills after boiler repairs in Leeds that will ensure that the heating system is operating in the best way possible. Annual inspections will go a long way to avoid unnecessary and inconvenient boiler breakdowns particularly during cold months where you rely on the heating system to provide heat to the home.

An alternative to conventional heating systems is the electric heat pump that is being promoted by many governments and organizations as the sustainable solution to renewable heat generation. However, aside from the use of biomass for cooking and heating, renewable energy solutions fail to gain a significant role in heat production. Instead of heat creation, biomass is used in the production of electricity.

Use of geothermal heat and direct solar heat is less than 1% and .02% of total global heat demand. Renewable energy sources account for more than 20% of the world’s electricity demand mostly hydroelectric and 10% of global heat demand as biomass.

Solar and wind energy are better sources of renewable heat generation because they can be used in a direct way. The do not have to be converted to electricity and then to heat. Direct heat production is more energy efficient, sustainable and cheaper compared to indirect methods of heat production.

Solar thermal power is a technology that was introduced in 19th century that can be used for water heating, space heating and industrial processes. Compared to the indirect methods involving electricity conversion, solar thermal power is 2 to 3 times more efficient.

The old fashioned windmill is the direct alternative for wind power. Wind mills have stayed relevant and when it is combined with modern technology, it can be 3 times more energy efficient than converting energy to electricity and then back to rotational energy. Mechanical windmills are less complex, more affordable and less resource-intensive to build.

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