Singapore Tests LED Light Strips On Two Pedestrian Crossings

There are several different reasons why a homeowner or a business will use LED strip lighting in Australia for the interior and exterior premises. The most common reason is for accent lighting or decorative purposes; however, the LED lighting strips can also be used for applications like high brightness task lighting, costume design or UV inspection during the manufacturing process.

In Singapore, LED light strips were tested by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on May 9 last year. Light Emitting Diode or LED light strips were tested on two pedestrian crossings in the city. This is part of a 6-month trial period for the improvement of safety particularly among distracted pedestrians so that they will pay attention to the traffic light signals.

According to LTA, it is very easy for pedestrians to be distracted because they often take a look at their mobile devices while walking. LED light strips will bring back their focus to the pedestrian crossing. The LED light strips were placed on pavements near both sides of a pedestrian crossing on Orchard Road and Victoria Street.

When the trial was launched, the LED light strips were turned on by LTA at slightly before 5 pm. They have to work in unison with traffic lights so that the strips were switched between steady green, flashing green and steady red. Instead of looking at the traffic lights opposite to the crossing, pedestrians can now see the changing colours of the strips right where they are standing.

However, according to TODAY, out of 23 pedestrians they interviewed at Victoria Street, only 4 noticed the light strips. A student who was looking down because of the sun did not notice the light strip because the sun was too bright. Some people noticed the new feature but they did not know its function. Others were wondering whether it was a decoration.

A wide range of LED strip lighting in Australia is available in different styles, sizes and colours to create exciting visual lighting effects. However, when LED lighting strips are used in the outdoors, they must be coated for water resistance. Water resistant light strips are usually coated with epoxy or silicone.