Safety Campaign To Be Led By Nong Than

Nitcharee Peneakchanasak or more commonly known as Nong Than got into a train accident in Singapore back in 2011. She lost both of her legs in the process and knowing what she has been through, she decided to lead a safety campaign that will encourage the BTS or Bangkok Mass Transit System and the ARL or Airport Rail Link to put up safety barriers. These barriers will be a placed in between the platforms and tracks in every station.

These will put the mind of everyone at ease including the ones who stay at serviced apartment near BTS since their safety while commuting is guaranteed. According to the father of Nong Than, Kittanesh Peneakchanasak, his daughter is currently residing at Vancouver, Canada after she enrolled herself in an English course. She will be studying at the University of British Columbia for two months.

Before she left for Canada, she heard about another tragic accident which claimed the lives of a pregnant woman and an unborn baby. The accident happened at the Ban Thap Chang station wherein the lady fell down to the tracks.

This is why she has decided to be the head of a campaign when she comes back to the country this coming August. Mr. Kittanesh said that Ms. Nitcharee is in deep shock because of the recent accident.

Mr. Kittanesh said that her daughter is asking why the stations do not have safety barriers that will separate the platform from the train tracks. She also wondered why no one bothered to help the pregnant lady knowing that the train is still quite some distance from her.

He added that he supports the decision of her daughter to start the campaign because it will ensure that railroad accidents will no longer happen in the future.

He also said that his daughter has been busy campaigning as the voice of the disabled population in the country. They hope that with this new campaign, everyone will feel safer while waiting on the platforms including those guests who are residing in serviced apartment near BTS and will not be a cause for tourists to worry about coming to the country.