Robotics And Artificial Intelligence Foreseen In Thailand’s Future

Technology is expected to be prevalent in Thailand businesses. Most businesses make use of the payroll management system in Thailand to avoid the tedious task of timekeeping, payroll computations, preparation of pay slips and documentation. It is more efficient to use software in payroll management because everything is provided in a single system.

The Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT) predicts a smart future for the nation. In the future, robotics and artificial intelligence will become an integral part of the infrastructure of homes and utility services. According to the president of EIT, Thanet Veerasiri, trends in urban living will move towards “smart living” with future housing and urban life becoming increasingly modernized and urbanized.

In the era of Thailand 4.0, it is expected that homes will have more efficient online systems and technology that will allow them to reduce energy consumption. Mr. Thanet also said that future housing must be highly conducive towards mobility and mass transportation. The use of digital innovations and automation will help manage resources better and more wisely. It will also help in managing services to become more efficient.

For businesses, it is more efficient to use payroll management system in Thailand because the monthly payroll can be executed seamlessly and accurately. Technology is also expected to be more prevalent in cities including homes. One example is robotic technology that can be applied to fire fighting. Instead of human fire fighters, robots can assist in fire fighting operations and rescue missions. Computer programs as well as online apps can help strengthen security systems in homes and monitor the needs of elderly citizens.

At present, 75% of construction labour is composed of migrant workers. With the use of robots in construction, real estate developers will be able to overcome the uncertainties of the labour workforce and at the same time bring down costs.

When a company uses payroll management system in Thailand, it becomes very difficult to make mistakes because of the validation procedure that stops the user from posting wrong information. Aside from the time savings enjoyed by the HR and accountings departments, employees trust the system because their uncertainties on wrong computations are substantially minimized.